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The Moffe Collection

A short story project I am working on. All stories are in relation to a horror aspect. And sadly I write all of this during school hours as a pastime.


A young boy has never known true love, he's been abused for most of his life. This doesn't change when he sees a girl in his neighborhood.
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[ Yandere!Monster x Reader ] There is an island full of crime that remains an enigma to the outside world, for anyone who visits mysteriously goes missing. Some believe the island is hiding a horrible curse. When a young photographer who is barely scraping by is offered a job at traveling to the mys...


𝐲𝐚𝐧𝐝𝐞𝐫𝐞 𝐱 𝐫𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐞𝐫 || "You’re divine, [name], and what man could let that go? What man could let you go?” His hand curves under your chin, pulling it up so that the two of you are face to face. You are confronted with the full, blazing fury of his gaze. “This is what desire looks like.”


This is what I wrote for my GCSE there is a total of 799 words as our limit was 800. Our task was just to write a descriptive piece. Any helpful tips and comments would be appreciated


(yandere's x child.reader) Falling from the sky was not the most ideal situation to be in. Neither was gaining amnesia from a cat that claimed to help you. But now, you have a whole house of monsters willing to do anything for you. That's pretty cool...right?

Scary Stories

Probably all of the stories you'll here. Some of these are Japanese Urban Legends, some are normal (Not crazy Japs legends) legends, some are scary stories, some are ghost stories, some are from that book thing and some are just plain old crap from ''Witnesses'' apparently. Enjoy...

Into the depths.

(Do not read if you’re scared of water) You should have never went to that island.


One year after the planet fixed while saving his girlfriend Amy from Dr. Eggman, Sonic was injected with a serum that causes him to transform into a Werehog. But now when he transforms he cant control himself any more and he becomes a violent monster with black and dark green fur. Sonic doesn't ...

Monster (Yandere! Delinquent x reader)

You were beautiful. That was the first thing he noticed about you. Then, your smile. Then, your kindness. Then, everything else. However, you saw nothing but trouble as you looked at him. "Looks like you aren't going quietly, eh?"

Loving The Monster.

When somebody that you love dies.. All hell breaks lose, and it did. But soon after, there was a different feeling. And I didn't know what to make of it.

The Monster in My Head

I sat on the edge of my bed, my hands covering my face. My breath was heavy and I could feel my body shaking violently. Tears streamed down my face, but I had no recollection of crying. The last time I cried was when I watched my family burn Copyright © 2013 by Mysteries of the Unknown All rights re...


They say monsters live in all of us, wanting to be unleashed and escape. But what happens if they get the chance? Do they bring comfort; or is it really terror they seek?

One Block Away *Kidnapped Story With a Twist*

I've had dreams before of getting kidnapped. But all those times I wasn't able to run or scream This was the case for the two. Then it happened. They grabbed me from behind and put a napkin in my mouth that contained chloroform. I immediately tried to kick and punch, but they all failed sinc...


A short story of a little girl, a doll, and a monster.

The reflection of a monster.

Micheal has a close friend who may be a bit more twisted than what he expected. It knows no end as to what it would do for him, even kill. It appears Micheal has a side of him he hadn't come to real terms with before.


WARNING: This story contains violence, gore and family cruelty. You have been warned...

A Strange Day in July

A short story inspired by a Harris Burdick drawing (see cover) Oddly enough it wasn't a person, or even a fish, but that same unmistakable stone I had just skipped to the other side of the lake. How could that stone have come back? It was almost like some magnetic pull was bringing it back to us...

There's a Monster in My Closet

No one else sees it but me. It just stands in the doorway and breathes.
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