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Into a Nightmare

This is a 500 word short story for the writing contest I'll Write My Way Out. Your feedback is much appreciated! I own everything except the picture.

Reality or Just a Dream

This is a very quick story i managed to right, taking inspiration from one of my actual dreams.
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The one page nightmare

Short scary stories to keep you up at night

Scary Stories

Beware! These Are Ghost/Scary Stories! Read If You Dare!

Smile Through Fear

After everything that Sarah has been through, even now, 13 years later, her best friend Cody and her two children are the only things that keep her smiling. (Bloody Fun book 3)

The Misadventures of an Outsider and Some Killers

Sasha is a very big horror fanatic. She watches them non-stop. She also owns every horror movie you could think of. All of the Friday the 13th franchises, the Nightmare on Elm Street, Hannibal, Scream, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Halloween, Hellraiser, all of them. One night, she decides to have a horr...

Uncontrolable (yandere nightmare demon x reader)

[f/n} started having dreams every night when she was younger but now that she is 15. But those happy dreams became nightmares at made her alittle unsteady and wounds or fresh blood would appear on her body. Her parents could not let there daughter suffer so they took her to the doctor but they could...

The Nightmare Experiment: Saints of Los Angeles

The Nightmare Experiment. It was created by Professor Finn Wilder. All criminals were to be punished for their crimes. Professor Wilder captures them and takes them to his asylum where he tortures them with machinery and voodoo with their nightmares. 23 year old Bella Gray is mysteriously captured a...

The Sleepover

5 innocent young girls prepare for a birthday nightmare. Sleepover with friends, snacks, laughter, ghost stories. What could possibly go wrong?

Romantic Nightmare

***18 Year old Jasmine Grey, The daughter of The God of Peace A.K.A King Grey, The King of Ivywar, is very shy and quiet. Never in her life has she had a man very close to her. This will all change when The King of Darkened Night also known as The God of Darkness demands that they get married and sh...

My nightmare

Ok, I had a nightmare last night that is still bothering me and I'm hoping someone will tell me what it means.

Experiment #0013

This is based on a nightmare I had. It was scary as hell and seemed incredibly real. This nightmare haunts me to this day... Creepy as hell. ._. After this I woke up with some serious trust issues.

The Frozen Devil (How Lock Died) Finale

This is the final chapter of Lock's death, Q~Q it was kind of hard to write this....

Short Stories

A bunch of random stories that I made up when bored.


How long will it take, until you finally get it right.

Boarding School Nightmare

This is part of my month of mysteries project. This particular story is about a boarding school ghost story. month-of-mysteries.tumblr.com/

Circus of Darkness

When two girls visit a halloween circus performance, they find that the ringmaster has much more control over the circus, and its visitors than they bargained for.

Inner Akumu

Hi:) I created this short story because I had it as a nightmare. My cousin encouraged me to try and write down my nightmares to make me feel better about them. I have to say, I do feel a little better:) I might take this down if anyone is bothered by this story. Their is death and gore in it. I want...
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