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A bunch of scary stories to give you the creeps! These are all collected from the internet. Credits to the original writers.


Ambrelynee Saxton committed suicide at age sixteen. Fast forward some odd years later and the students who mercilessly bullied and harassed her have graduated, ready to put the trauma of sophomore year behind them. But, one girl in particular isn't quite all that ready to let go of the past. Oh ...
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internet guide to the paranormal

Hello Quotev, it's your friendly neighborhood Freak, and I'm here to say that yes, this is what you actually thought it was, a real guide to the paranormal. More specifically spectors, ghosts,...

Short Horror Stories

WARNING: Not for the weak minded. DONT SAY I DIDNT WARN YOU.

Paranormal Stories

Hide And Seek Gone Wrong When I was about 4 my family and I moved into an old house. Like many old houses it was CREEPY! I don't remember much except for the fact that my bed room was down ...

Speaking To The Dead

Mia seems like normal girl,she has friends and a crush and a family of 4. But she has a secret only she knows.

Super Short Scary/Horror Stories

I dont own them...But They are scary... :) Like,Comment...Thank u Ill try updating as fast as i can...

The Morrison House Haunting

There is a story called Morrison House on this site which is a complete rip-off of my story. Here is the original written in 2007 by me Michael Webster...

Living Doll

This is a short story about an innocent girl who loved to collect creepy dolls. She always keep them in her bedroom. Someday, One of her dolls wanted to turn her into a beauty doll. (ALERT: this story is in indonesian)

Horror Stories & Games

In this series i will be posting stories i have found online. i will be posing ones that have actually creeped me out so please enjoy this! i take no credit for any of these stories unless stated other wise.

The message

Here is a collection of true and scary events that have happened throughout the world... Ranging from hauntings to unsolved crimes and mysteries that are sure to leave you paranoid.

My Paranormal Experiences

These are TRUE paranormal experiences I've had. Believe me or not, I don't care, but you weren't there. (Ryhme intended)

The last update

Just a journal log. I keep most if this stuff to myself so please don't be upset if it takes my a while to update. This is just some things I've encountered or theories I have on different paranormal things. Feel free to ask any questions.

Secrets In The Dark

They tortured her...They abused her...They ignored her...They hurt her. And now it was their turn. For she had befriended, not just any thing. A malevolent and merciless demon. Now, everyone of them will be killed, no one will be spared. And by no one, I really do mean no one.

Paranormal Three [BEING REWRITTEN ]

"What does it mean to see something you weren't meant to see?" I've been asked that my whole life. It's not really scary to be honest, it's just... normal to me. - Allison Kirkland Allison Kirkland is no ordinary heterochromatic fifteen year old, having the ability to see...


Jordan and her family move into a new home with the hopes of starting a new life. A fresh start with fresh beginnings and fresh dreams. Everything is perfect and goes exactly the way everyone wants. Until something sinister emerges and threatens the family’s safety. Something dangerous and completel...

A Spiritual and Paranormal Guide

A book that touches in the paranormal and spiritual subjects, including frequencies (vibrations), ghosts, fairies, advice, and more. PMs are open for anything, and feel free to offer chapter ideas.

Sanity Hill

Donnie's parents are on vacation, so what do they do? Drop off their son to stay with crazy Uncle Frank in a tiny town in Missouri: Sanity Hill. When there, Donnie meets paranormal enthusiast Candor who reveals the town is cursed. Donnie doesn't believe it at first until he witnesses it firs...

Sleep Paralysis Stories

Stories to keep you up at night.
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