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Scariest Ritual Games (With Real Experiences)

WARNING: Use caution when playing these games as you won't know what you might conjure up from the spirit world. It is strongly advised that you do not “play” them, but if you do... best wishes. Also, images used may be traumatizing so proceed with caution.

Scary Japanese Urban Legends [SULs]

Hi! This is the author :) I wrote all the urban legends here on another account that was taken down by quotev for "copyright" around a year ago. Though I think I know why. I contacted them twice and nothing happened. So, I decided to just rewrite all of these urban legends one-by-one here. A...
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| yandere!shapeshifter x f.reader | Taking a trip to the countryside in order to care for her dying grandmother, [F/n] does her best to help anyway she can. However, her grandmother warns her about staying, begging her to turn back. Odd occurrences and sightings had been transpiring around the farm ...

Death Mark Memos

This is just a walkthrough for a visual novel horror game. There's some messed up stuff here so there's so many trigger warnings. Fun fact, the characters in the cover for this book and the cover of the PS4 copy of the game are the main character, Ai Kashiwagi, Satoru Mashita, Shuuji Daimon,...

The Moffe Collection

A short story project I am working on. All stories are in relation to a horror aspect. And sadly I write all of this during school hours as a pastime.


(yandere's x child.reader) Falling from the sky was not the most ideal situation to be in. Neither was gaining amnesia from a cat that claimed to help you. But now, you have a whole house of monsters willing to do anything for you. That's pretty cool...right?

One Paragraph Scary Stories, Conspiracies and Facts

all stories have been taken from the web i am not responsible if you get scared

Short Story

This is just something I did for a contest. I don't expect to win but if I do then it's all just for fun. I didn't see any prize list so oh well. I just thought I'd put it on here for people. About the contest, they wanted a spooky story 500 words or less.


(m.child.yandere x f.reader) Not being able to have children is hard, but when you chose to adopt a teenaged boy, you were on a deeper ride than you thought.

The Thing that Scares me

I could feel his breath on me now. It dripped down my neck boiling like searing water. An unbeknownst tear slid across my face. The beast was a haughty creature. I could feel his smirk carve into my neck. Painful without physical touch. The beast is a monster. I am nothing but a punching bag to him....

Change In Power

This story is originally written by this it's source, and any copy writing from this story is strictly prohibited. That would be plagiarism. This story is a short story and is basically a twist story. There is a boy, you think he's just a normally weird kid, but he's beyond normal.


Ambrelynee Saxton committed suicide at age sixteen. Fast forward some odd years later and the students who mercilessly bullied and harassed her have graduated, ready to put the trauma of sophomore year behind them. But, one girl in particular isn't quite all that ready to let go of the past. Oh ...

Experimentation Gone Wrong

This is another male yandere x fem. reader story like every other story that is placed in the pile of others. The only unique part about this is that the yandere is a test subject thus the name of the book. But if you are okay with that then feel free to read this book made by an author who just tho...

Death of the Soul

Foxglove Trail is the one place someone would want to avoid if they know about violent Fae. It’s also the very trail Belle and Camile have decided to embrace on their journey to the church atop the hill. Lying within the Westridge National Park, rumors surround the Foxglove Church. Some say it’s the...

Horror on Her Mind

The space ahead was endless, like the room now stretched to the other side of the world. Laura turned to flee out of the door but there was none. More endless space stood in its place. For the first time in her life, she felt true fear. She ran, running from God knows what to God knows where, but so...

Lucifer's Little Angel: Satan's Daughter

You ever wonder what it's like to be Satan's daughter, second-in-command, surrounded by fallen angels and demons, seeing as you're the only girl that does Satan's bidding? Follow the life, or rather, afterlife of Alexia as she finds out she is the heir to the Underworld. She meets t...

Broken Wing ~Finished~

~A role play story~ :) Seraphina is a teenage girl with supernatural abilities. She has a gaurdian angel named Aridessa that she's talked to since she was five. She can see and talk to spirits, which is why she gets bullied in school, though no one knows her real secret. They all think she talks...

The Campfire

Two sisters and their best friends Charlie and Sheila, go out on a camping trip. While they are sitting by the campfire, telling supernatural stories...something goes wrong.
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