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Book of Creatures

I've studied and recorded all I, and some other survivors, know of all these creatures. Now I share all this with you reader, please be careful out there. I'm sorry im not sure how to remove the book from nonfiction, that was an honest mistake /g

Detention Til Dawn

People, especially parents, all over the world praise Iris High School for their top-notch student reform program. Degenerate students come into the detention facility and spend an entire night there. They come out of the school when the sun rises as a newly reformed member of society. They become c...
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CreepyPasta Survival Guide~

Read the title, people~ Also, keep in mind I'm not God so I don't know everything. The best way to survive is to NOT ACT LIKE THIS IS A FREAKING HORROR MOVIE! Please act with caution when face to face with a killer or bad guy. If you read do NOT tell me its fake.

Dear Diary, It's the End of the World

The zombie apocalypse has come. You try to survive one miserable day at a time. One day, you take shelter in a house and find an old, blood soaked diary. What stories lie within? Who wrote in it, and how long did they make it? Turn the page.

Heretic Of The Midwest

Halston Fey isn’t your normal teen. Born to a Human and Archdemon, she is exactly aware of her standing in the world. Relocated from her town in Finland to live in Minnesota with her adoptive parents, she thought her problems would go away but they didn’t. In fact they got worse. When word of a myst...

MacDouglas Family Manor

19 year old Payton is an art major who happens to be obsessed with all things horror. One Halloween night, a mysterious letter appears at their doorstep inviting them to a seemingly innocent haunted attraction. That is, however, until things start happening that make Payton question the reality arou...

Am I Crazy?

Sarah Tate is an average girl living in her average world, until one morning going to school her whole world changes. In this world she doesn't exist and she finds herself locked up in the insane asylum where her school once stood. Will she ever be able to return...? (O.o)

The Day The World Died

Michael and James are Put In A New World where Insane Infected Things are Always Lurking The Shadows


Jacob was nothing more than an everyday office worker. He had a dead end job, lived in a small apartment, and begged for any break in the monotony he could get. When the world falls to a zombie outbreak, he wishes for a return to even a semblance of the boring life he once lived. Could there be a li...


??? wakes up and realizes they're bleeding out. They look around at the unsettling view. What happened. Who are they and who's the voice in the back of they're head. [!!!:Warning this book has disturbing topics and blood.]

Forgotten (Nuclear Apocalypse Short Story)

I live in the ruins of a forgotten world. A world that was destroyed by a war, a pointless war. That took everything away, my family, my friends, my way of life. I was the only one to survive, and soon, all my memories, the people i knew, everyone...will be forgotten.

Forever Dead (a HOTD Takashi Komuro story)

How do you feel when everything you love...And cherish...is gone?...taken away from you?...it feels like you have no purpose in life... but God has given us life to serve a purpose...but I didn't know God would be so cruel as to...take away everything from you...just slip away and to never retur...

7 friends, and a load of zombies

University life was completely normal. Leaving home, going of to get dependent, ready for the exciting life of a new independent adult. But what if everything went downhill from there? Jasmine Turner 20 years old, 2nd year of studying law. Deciding to stay in one night to study, she hears screams o...

Bully Trials

"Words can haunt you." On rare occasions, the victims desire retribution. The Bully Trials can send the bullies into their worst nightmare. Rounds of torments with monstrous beings to battle. This story tells six friends who were sent to the Bully Trials from making someone friend'...

The Ultimate Survival Guide

Do you think you're safe? Well, you may be now but that won't last forever. Humanity's time is coming and if you want to survive, you better adapt, overcome, and improvise... WITH THE HELP OF THIS GUIDE. Includes survival guide to many possible apocalypses like Zombie outbreak.

Fighting to survive

Place holder title until I find a new one or it grows on me. This is a zombie apocalypse with you the reader and some of my characters. This is going to be normal meaning no characters from shows and such, no yanderes, and no zombies falling in love with you. This may have romance I dunno it's u...

The Survival Game [Finished]

When your stuck with people you hardly know during a zombie apocolyspe it's no longer a game, it's the game of survival.

Death be at Hand

We all need to be saved from the zombies.

Zombie Survival Tips

Basically what I'm doing is creating a collection of zombie survival tips with all the knowledge I have of zombies and I am preparing us all for the undead apocalypse. shall we begin my lovelies? (More tips/zombie info would be greatly appreciated)
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