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Some call her mad, many call her beautiful, and countless would love to have her. But one day suddenly, she disappears. Last seen by outsiders getting into a carriage with her mother and governess, Florence Cassius is carted off to an asylum for the upperclass' mad ones without anyone knowing. H...

Road Trip Gone Wrong

Family goes on a road trip but takes an unexpected turn when they stay in a small town
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The Silent Forest

Sebástian has recently heard of his neighbor's brutal death and now every one was told to stay within their homes. He, however, wants to end the killings and so decides to enter the dimension hidden to human eyes. Will he ever come back or will he be condemned to a life of suffering?


"I looked up at him, he was so gorgeous. His bright green eyes pierced my heart like knives. I wanted nothing more than to kiss him, to just feel his lips on mine. In that very moment I knew I needed him."


Reyna Copulas always floated in the middle with her prominent circle of friends. But when people start going missing and getting slashed to death, Reyna finds herself in the middle once again - but not in the way she's used to. She soon discovers that everyone she loves and herself are in 24/7 d...

Rise and Shine

Two people are in the same situation: both of them went to Hell and both of them got pulled back out by an angel that claimed that they had a higher purpose on Earth. He knows his purpose, but Gabriel, the angel responsible for their salvation, wouldn't tell her, partly because she lacked memory...

The Door

Ben woke up in some sort of facility. He had no idea where he was. What the heck had happened? Cushioned walls were all around him, and there was a door with a small window in front of him. He was stuck in a straight jacket. What happened?

Tide will Tell

Ashton, a 19 year old girl is going a surf trip with her best friend Beth, they come across a beach to remember. Beautiful white sand, palm trees that tower high in the sun and clear turquoise water, the beach is perfect. Which is the problem, it is too good to be true. Something or someone unexpect...

The Darkest Blade...

Ava moves to another state where she feels lost. One day a girl bullies her best friend and Ava couldn't help but feel mad, that day she snapped.. She changes for her evil pleasure...

Love Hurts...!

This is suspense can i make you go to the edge of your seat!

Castle of the Demons.

When Amber runs from the voices, they lead her straight to the Castle of Demons, where no on can help her. Ever.

Judgment Day: Rise of The Dead (Part done)

This is a story about how Judgment day came and nearly destroyed humanity by nuclear fallout resaulting in the dead to rise from thier graves in the hunt for flesh ---- please like and share this, this is my first in depth book and would love lots of replies :) thanks!

Trade Off

Sebastian Kasner is a detective for the NYPD. At thirty-three he lives a comfortable life with his wife and child. All of this is thrown into chaos when he makes a big mistake; arresting the mob boss Chefalu. When Chefalu is released, everything begins to unravel.

One day (not finished)

With one day to save themselves, can a group of seemingly un-important people find a way out of there situation!

Torn Apart

Ruby hated mirrors more then anything in the world. She never imagined, however, they would result in her doom... I hope you like my first ever suspense story! let me know if you want more!

My Life

It's been thirteen years since the night Fate ran away and Sage went to an asylum. Sage is out and has a pretty normal life. He has a wife, he adopted one boy and one girl that are both 4. Fate, on the other hand, has a destroyed life. She had a baby when she was 14 and now she's 26. Fate...

Seeking the Way out.

This story is in Abby's point of view a now cheerful emo, who has a cutting depressing past. But then getting into a relationship with the wrong guy might become a life or death situation.

A Rode trip to Hell

When 6 friend take a road trip to big bear to camp and hang out for the weekend they find themselves being hunted down by a killer will they out smart the killer or will he suceed in taking all of their live

Poor Daisy

Daisy lives a very tough life. She is abused by her husband; a woman's worst nightmare. Read her story to find out more! ;D

Snap, Crackle, Pop

A girl wakes up in a hospital, alone and confused. When she gets up to explore, she soon realizes the hospital is empty. Could it really be true or is it all a dream?
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