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Psych Ward

A nonfiction story about my experience in a psych ward as an inpatient. All names including mine are changed for privacy reasons. >Emily Leene is a suicidal girl who gets admitted to a psych ward after a failed suicide attempt. She’s forced to relive trauma, and meet people, and even find her sou...

A Story of Scares

Are you prepared to face the dangers and horrors of the unfortunate? I guess we'll find out.
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Second Chance

Alexandra is a troubled teen that is trying to recover memories that were long forgotten. Will she remember her evil deeds? Will she embrace her past or go against it? *Writing in progress. Some themes may be triggering. All swearing is also replaced with asterisks to avoid some triggers*

Writers depression

Writing a novel is hard when your encountered with signs of a stalker and begin to feel uncomfortable at home well writing a new love novel, when your love life hasn’t even been great..even if you feel safe are you..


(various yandere/reader) The emperor is a cannibal who eats his children. You, his only remaining heir, have three choices: death, marriage, or regicide.


Ember Snow, an overworked detective, is investigating a farm. The farm owner says the farm is just full of rabbits, but rabbits don't normally scratch out "HELP ME" on the windows do they..? WARNING THIS STORY MAY CONTAIN - Extreme Gore - Cannibalism - Swearing - Injury Detail If you'...

Ivory Inn

Nate is pumped he is able to spend a weekend with the Creekview Junior High Band at the amusement park he's always dreamed of, AND stay at Ivory Inn, perhaps the fanciest, coolest hotel he's ever seen. Except 5 kids never make it out of that hotel, and Nate is one of them. His journal reveal...

Sugary Delight (M. Yandere x Fem. Reader)

Working in a frozen yoghurt shop, Yoghurt Escape, (f/n) (l/n) befriends a supportive and kind customer, who comes to the shop nightly. But, he isn't the only man who visits her, and neither man knows that the other goes to the same store. When one of the men finds out the other's secret, how...

Scariest Ritual Games (With Real Experiences)

WARNING: Use caution when playing these games as you won't know what you might conjure up from the spirit world. It is strongly advised that you do not “play” them, but if you do... best wishes. Also, images used may be traumatizing so proceed with caution.

The Memory Of Death

Yes. This story is based off my character Memory. So you take place as Memory. The story will end when her death arives.

Book of Creatures

I've studied and recorded all I, and some other survivors, know of all these creatures. Now I share all this with you reader, please be careful out there. I'm sorry im not sure how to remove the book from nonfiction, that was an honest mistake /g

The Others

17 year old Eliana Torres doesn't believe in the paranormal. While the city of Ash Valley believe in and fear the paranormal & the elusive Hungry Demons, Eliana decides to challenge the myth by taunting the so called creatures, but the more she taunts and challenges this so called myth, she ...


| yandere!shapeshifter x f.reader | Taking a trip to the countryside in order to care for her dying grandmother, [F/n] does her best to help anyway she can. However, her grandmother warns her about staying, begging her to turn back. Odd occurrences and sightings had been transpiring around the farm ...

Urban Legends Around The World (United States Edition)

None of the original pieces of work belong to me; while I am writing to explain each urban legend, I am not who created the legends. Sources will be sited at the bottom so you can check the sites out yourself. Updates are on the first Friday of each month :)


"He gave me wings but didn't give me flight. He gave me eyes but didn't give me sight. He gave me a heart to see from inside." They are not human. They are creatures. But they don't know which kind. And they can't remember how they came to be that way. They are being manipula...

Hidden Beneath the City

After Texas separated from the United States (thus making it no longer bound to the rules of the Constitution), society collapsed. A dictatorship was almost immediately established, and the rights of most minorities (especially women) were stripped away. Realizing that they could no longer live in t...

Age of Silver

There were once two types of assassins: Light Assassins and Dark Assassins. Both types of assassins held opposing morals, but were connected through a holy contract. After a century of war, the Dark Assassins disappeared as a whole. Everything in the world is connected by the balance between yin and...

Father of Mine

With her father being being absent for all of her life, Egypt grew up humble and realistically minded. If something bad was about to happen, she wouldn't sugar code it or be optimistic. But what does that have to do with her father? Not much. Trying to forget about the topic of him had a lot of ...


Brielle was an average girl. She had a few friends, flew a car, had pet robot named Gigit. Her life was pretty normal, until she started seeing things out of the corner of her eye. She thought they were just images of her imagination, but they turn out to be something bigger. Way, way bigger.
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