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Nicklaus (Needs editing)

!Daniella is a extremely shy girl, awkward at times, and sometimes speaks way too much when she's nervous. She is what you call invisible freak. Nobody knows who she is, except her friend Rose. Nicklaus is the bad boy from the town of Las Vegas. He basically owns the town. He doesn't talk to...

Me, My mind and Hot-Boy-Logan

“Hey Andrea,” Logan said, his soft, deep voice the perfect pitch, tone, perfect everything, as he sat down opposite me, smiling again, I felt like swooning. I didn’t even know if it was possible to swoon until now. I struggled to swallow my food, before replying. “Um, Hi, I...I’m um, um, nicetomeety...
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Socially Awkward

She was the social media sensation, getting those sensationalising scoops was her a-game. While he loved making theories in his own head. As different as they were, the past had some other tales to tell. When they cross paths with each other years later....life has other plans for them. So will they...

Life In An Awkward School

Roselle Kattner, a shy, teenage girl with passion for writing, starts her 11th grade, not knowing what kind of crazy, awkward, and extra-ordinarily ordinary adventures of school life are waiting for her. From an uniform obsessed principal, a History teacher who calls himself king, to a Social Studie...

Fluffle Puff: The Human (My Old Story That I Didn't Finish).

Here's my old story that I made on Wattpad called Fluffle Puff: The Human. Be warned. It's very cringy. So enter at your own risk. Also, it's not finished, and I'll probably not finish it, so if you don't like unfinished stories, then this isn't for you. Cover art doesn'...


“The kissing booth,” Belinda responded excitedly. “You’ve never had a first kiss before, cute guys usually go to them… It’s a perfect way to get your first kiss.” ~ Ashleigh Mackenzie was, precisely, the definition of awkward. She is clumsy, chokes on her own words, and is completely helpless. With ...

The Anon

1 blog, 1 girl, 2 different people. 17 year old Charlotte Knight has always gone unnoticed with her brother the star football player with the good looks, and her parents with their fame. She was shy, quiet and reserved. But deep, deep inside she hated the world, was sarcastic and ridiculously attach...

You and Other Forms of Insanity [FINISHED]

A social outcast. A troubled airhead of a jock. The two titles aren't meant to be paired. But when he breaks in her bathroom window one fateful Friday night, all hell breaks loose.

My Teacher

I got a new teacher... Oh dear lord, he's weird.

Well that's a new one

"Mommy, how did you and Daddy meet?" "I puked on him."

Mr. Tampon

Childhood friends, Finn and Wendy, suddenly part ways due to an incident from the year prior. Now, Finn sells tampons at school and Wendy ignores him whenever she can. What will happen when one starts to catch feelings for the other despite the betrayal and shame they felt from last year? Was it don...

This Ridiculous Journey Called Life

This is a bunch of dramatic retellings of my funny, awkward, and REALLY awkward experiences through the world of 8th grade, 9th grade, and beyond. Yes, these are tales from a world of nerds, books and ninjas; also known as my life.


Awkward is not the only word that can discribe this girl's life.

Danger of a Stranger

A kid named Keith wakes up one afternoon, and instead of turning off his alarm, he manages to punch his cat right in the face. Now she's got it in for him. Oh yeah, and there's this weird girl he's never met coming to stay at his house, too. Fun times!

You're Awkward-Well, Love is Awkward!~A Love Story

A love story. That's all I know so far.(: Ps...any suggestions as I go along are welcome.(:

It's Complicated.

It's a long story. Fine. You wanna know? It's kind of embarrassing though. Do you mind? No? Okay. Well, here it goes...

She says she's a unicorn!

''Ew don't touch me!your Human!''She yelled.Her friend looked at her like she was crazy.''Stupid humans..''She ran off,Leaving her human friends

Awkward Girls.

High School is a crazy time in someone's life. Especially for an awkward girl. There are crushes, best friends, drama, cute teachers, and family. How can a girl handle it all? Lucy has no idea how she has, but is determined to make her last two years AMAZING! And is determined to show her crush,...

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