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Murder Forest: Chapter 1

Deep in the forest of Makun in South Korea you can hear screams of many people and the loud of noise of machines and power tools, They like to call that part of the forest the "Suicide Hearth" where people believe countless murders take place but by different people. No one is brave enough t...

Murder of the morning

Step aside, John Wick- Fiona is in town!
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I Never Wanted This! (Yandere Serial Killer x Reader)

(Y/N) moved in a new town with her mother to start a new life. Quickly, she and her new friends are thrown into a killer's game. Murder and torture will soon be the norm. Is there even a way out when the killer desperately wants to keep (Y/N) locked in his grip? ________________________________...

Nathaniel’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm Please Dawn do not eat my arm ...

Silly Smiles Clinic

A crazy doctor with a mysterious lab underneath his clinic. Missing nurses and secret agents. Lost love and plenty of murder and psychotic episodes. Just another day at Silly Smiles Clinic. Start playing Shower by Becky G and start vibing because things are about to go down.

The Puppets house

They should of known, they should of trusted the Legand of the house, but then again, who ever did trust them. But they have no choice but to keep walking into the house known as 'The Puppets house'

Elliot Jones, The Detective

'Dear Elliot Jones, I have a challenge for you; go to Parkerson Castle in one month from today. Lets see if you are as good as they say you are. I will be waiting your arrival. Mr. REDRUM.' Experimental

A Journey to the Center of Hell

A mother and a small boy,just happened to be in the wrong place at thr wrong time. This story involves the desperate journey of a mother to keep her son alive and the hopes of a child to escape torture.


My first story if you want to know where the character grinny comes from search "pasta monsters" into google. :3

Friendship means nothing when it comes to murder.

What would you do if your best friend is a killer? Find out what Emma does after she finds out that her best friend of 8 years has been killing all her boyfriends and killed her mom and dad just to keep Emma to her self? Also find out how Emma found out.

In The Belief That I Will Survive

In life, there aren't happy endings, some people die from murder, suicide, heart failure, etc. My case is Cancer, I'm alive, but for how long?

18 and Life

Seventeen year old Memphis Kroeger, despite her style, has always been a good girl. She got good grades, steered clear of drugs and alcohol, and preferred to stay in and read on the weekends rather than party. Blaine Carlile is an eighteen year old accused murderer who has somehow managed to escape ...

My Bucket List Love

Charlotte Miller never feared death, she welcomed it with open arms. But death rejected her. But Charlotte's wish comes when she receives a mysterious letter in her door late one night. Stemming from her father's 'business', she shall be killed to pay his debt. So now, with thirty da...

The Color of My Heart

Everyone has a dark side. A murderous side. You put on a mask and hide the murderous side of you. But what if you take the mask off? Cate, a girl of 15, is your normal high schooler. But wait, she's also a murderer. She goes on the run from cops, living miserably. Until she meets this one guy.

Deep Dark Secrets ON HOLD

*The next day* I was woken up earlier due to my mom horrific screams that chorus through the entire house. I ran down the stairs and saw her crying in front of 3 police officers. A lump caught my throat and I was getting ready to tell them I did it... Take me away! This is one of my Deep Dark Secre...

A Murder Of Crows

Holly is caught in the 'Raven Project' which is secretly an illegal DNA experimentation unit. Those who don't cooperate, are classed as 'Crows' Holly must learn how use her improved DNA to search for her biological mother. And avenge her surrogate mother as well.

She Wants Revenge... Written in Blood

[A/N: Because I haven't updated in so long and I never really gave you guys a "good" reason why... I'll show you a little sneak peak of what I've been working on. Check it out!] P...

The Maid Did It!

Five seemingly innocent maids find themselves as the prime suspects for the murder of their own master, and it's up to the genius (and particularly badass) Detective Jackie to solve the mystery of which is the killer!

Twisted Stories

Twisted stories about saints, celebrities, martyrs, murders and fairy tales!
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