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How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

Duff became sixteen the day the world ended. Was she sad? Nah! In a zombie apocalypse, you can make graffiti on libraries, set buildings on fire, throw boomerangs at people... in other words, heaven. The only bad thing is the fact that you can't pee in peace...

Mine [BxB]

Jay Sanchez, a beta with anger issues and intense hatred for the world and everyone in it, crosses paths with Aaron McGarren, an alpha jock who shrouds himself with stereotypes in an attempt to hide his crippling anxiety. When they meet, sparks fly. By sparks, I mean the sparks of conflict and a ha...
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How to make the best OCs eva!

In which I try to create the most clichéd and ridiculous character for each fandom I can think of. This is what boredom does to a person.


Debra Williams makes her husband breakfast. QuoteFic.

Jigsaw VS. Gamer

Just something I came up with. What happens when Jigsaw (puppet from Saw series) kidnaps a Gamer? Can Jigsaw win or will our Hardcore gamer show him his place? I bet only trolling can get you free.


Turktanic is a short story of the two love birds ( Rosie and Jackson ) being captured for Thanksgiving!

Cotton-Eyed Joe Steals Your Girl

There's nothing like summer in the city. Someone under stress meets someone looking pretty.

The (unrealistic) Love Story

Lisa Carter was a young, beautiful girl. She, of course, didn’t know she was beautiful- hang on. How could someone be unaware that they’re beautiful? It feels like a cheap attempt to make the main character a “Shy, sweet girl”. I feel like I should be narrating a better story. But, alas, I’m stuck h...

Perfect Girl, Flawed Character *ON HIATUS*

Caroline Evening Purpose Joy was, undoubtedly, the perfect girl. Perfect hair, perfect face, perfect life...And things only got better once she was crowned the ruler of a country at the tender age of 10! She had it all; a dragon familiar, friends, family. Life was perfect. Then came the day she trag...

Somehow Surviving: This Zombie Apocalypse Doesn't Follow The Norm.

Being stuck in an Apocalypse really isn't enjoyable. Our protagonist also shares those sentiments. What is the worst thing in an apocalypse? Protagonist: No internet! SporadicUpdates(forgivemylaziness)

Funny Songs(Parody)

Here are some parody song that I made or i got help. You can use them to make youtube videos but not for story's.No.

Danger of a Stranger

A kid named Keith wakes up one afternoon, and instead of turning off his alarm, he manages to punch his cat right in the face. Now she's got it in for him. Oh yeah, and there's this weird girl he's never met coming to stay at his house, too. Fun times!

How to find out a book's AR level

At our school, we use a really stupid program called Accelerated Reader. This is a list that mocks it.

A Detailed Account of the Infrastructural Problems of England

A far more realistic version of the story of Robin Hood. Well... sort of.

Night mess

Night is not always good for Marzia, Felix and his two dogs.

Well of course detective!

A parody on CSI, by an actual Forensic Scientist! The jist of the story, a parody of CSI, where we show what it takes to be a real forensic scientist. What do we do, well of course we do forensics the only way we know how... The cool way. The show/book starts on how Mr. E solves a unsolvable mystery...

Few are chosen

Anne the atheist and Thomas the theist are walking somewhere through the Icelandic countryside. Silliness ensues.

Meet Immortal (Parody of the song 'Mad World' by Gary Jules)

I'm really nervous about putting this up, so let me know what you think. Obviously if everyone thinks it's stupid and such I'll take it down but for now, enjoy. Thanks and uh... Buy Immortal's shirts, dood. ^-^

I'm their Number One Fan

Just a short story I wrote to be the Parody of another one of my stories that isn't anywhere near completion~ It's about a guy named Steven who is training to be a Policeman yet... he is a big Fan of Criminals. But not just any fan... So when bodies are starting to appear on the street, what...
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