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Rants, Perspectives, and the Art of Humaning

All humans have opinions, but some humans have more opinions than others. I am one of those humans.

The Zucc

How did Mark Zuckerberg come to be?
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100 Insults and Comebacks for People You Hate

So, even though I don't insult many people I'm sure everybody (or most people) on Quotev have a few enemies who they'd like to say some stinging words to, but they just can't think of the right ones. Here I have some pretty decent insults and roasts that I compiled from various sites...

Creative Ways to Come Out to People

I am sixteen and came out to my parents when I was twelve as bisexual, but since they didn't believe me at first. I re-came out after my fourteenth birthday. I will post chapters listing ways to come out as: Gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, pansexual, asexual, agender, and gender-fluid. If I...

500 ways to annoy people

This is just a list of ways you can annoy just about anyone and everyone! It starts off with ways to annoy your teacher (Particularly Mr.Parks but you can still use them on other teachers because they are things you could realistically do without getting in major trouble) to annoying people in a com...


What all the instruments do when no one's around. Only, y'know, they're all PEOPLE.

20 ways to annoy people at a water park

List of ideas you can use to annoy your friends/enemies at water parks. If you know that the person will get upset, i advise you not to do it :-)

The Five Types of Drunk People

Title pretty much says it all. Other than than, just a piece I wrote on whether alcohol really changes a person.

101 ways to annoy people

Want to annoy someone? maybe become a class clown? then read on!

5 Things that annoy me about quotev

Here I go again with ranting, this time about quotev, or better, the people on quotev. Have fun reading.

Bionic people? Only in America

Becca has just moved to America from Australia and lets just say she didnt exactly think it was going to turn out the way it did.Chase/oc I DO NOT OWN LAB RATS I ONLY OWN REBECCA AND HER MOTHER

Actual Things I've Heard People Say

Actual conversations and stuff I've overheard or been a part of. Honestly I just made this for the hell of it. Hopefully some of the quotes make you laugh. ^-^

Things That Annoy Me On Quotev

In which a melodramatic author holds angry rants about the people of this website. Buckle up and enjoy the ride.

He Changed *BxB*

Ricky had two best friends, Dawn and Jace. They stuck with him through everything, as did more friends he made along the way. But now a student who moved classes, has joined his photography lessons. A brand new student who arrived at the school, is now in his art class. They both bring out a new sid...

Stories from my 6 1/2 year old sister

This is a collection of really strange stories my six and a half year old sister came up with. They might not make much sense.

You're Awkward-Well, Love is Awkward!~A Love Story

A love story. That's all I know so far.(: Ps...any suggestions as I go along are welcome.(:

Ways to annoy people

I got really bored so these are ways to annoy either people I know or book characters :)

Of All People

Evelyn Ackles thought she'd never see her best friends again after they had all separated for mysterious reasons. Tragedy in the group brings them all together and surprisingly helps her find herself and happiness.

The History Of The Purple People

The same size as your thumb, these pint sized beings are anything but friendly... They haunt a select few and those they choose are able to see them.


Elizabeth Reid and Kira Reign are just your normal average everyday teenagers living in Seattle. But what happens when they are the only two people left on Earth?
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