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Just A Kiss

It was a kiss. A simple kiss. A dare. A simple dare. The dare to kiss a stranger in the mall. However, when Emma Henderson goes to work as music producer, she soon realizes she accidentally kissed her boss. Now with her boss surrounding her everyday life, Emma has no choice but to endure the consequ...

Marriage at First Sight

Maddy was free spirited, wild at heart girl. Her life turns upside down when she is forced into a marriage with Charles whom she sees for the first time at the wedding. Charles is a seemingly arrogant man with the responsibility of a bussiness empire on him. Will he be able to manage the marriage an...
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"Are you going to miss this?" He quietly asked. And at first I was confused as to what he was referring to. "Miss what?" "Miss...us?" His reply caught me way off-guard and I stood there for a moment, looking lost and not knowing what to say to him. But then I thought about...

I'm in love with my hot English teacher

Clara is in love with her hot English teacher, Mr Green. What will happen when she confesses her love? Find out in this crazy story.

A Deal With Mr. Bad Boy

Rose Samuels was a nerd, dork, loser and every other word you could associate with a girl who used to wear braces and large glasses. Clayton Miles was a jerk, a rule breaker, a dickbag, a bad boy and every other word you would associate with a guy who wears leather jackets, does drugs and goes thro...

chaos that is me

boredom. headache. quarantine. covid. Not a good mix. So, my second day of having covid has made me so bored I actually decided to write this. obviously I don't have much to say, I'm just your average britsh girl who goes to high school, reads and writes fanfiction for a living and is dedica...

New Girl -Finished-

The new girl, Melissa, has soon grabbed everyone's attention. Every girl envies her, and every boy wants her. She's taken, but Jayden doesn't take no for an answer.

50 ways to annoy your boyfriend

50 different ways to annoy your BF!

Tiny Company (Tiny!Various Creatures x Reader)

In our world tiny magical creatures have appeared with no explanation. Our job is to capture them, learn about them, and provide them with homes. New creatures constantly appear and we try to learn as much as we can about each individual one. Each and every one are different and have individual pers...

This Crazy, Stupid Love (FINISHED)

Rayne Valentine is your typical daydreaming klutz. Dorky, free spirited and always a step behind. She was adored by almost everyone. Who was better suited for her than sweet, loving and protective Wes Keaton, the untypical star football player. Or so she'd thought. When his best friend, Daniel H...

Bruised Smoke

Most movies are dumb. Since a really young age we are taught to believe in exterior miracles, that arrive when last expected, and obviously turn our lives around for the better. I'm here to demonstrate the absolute contradiction, by writing my simple life. And yet, believe me, it has its spectac...

You Found Me

Life for (Y/N) (L/N) was very normal she had a boyfriend, a nice flat and a great job. Now every things changing when things start going wrong after her relationship goes sour. Can she get her life back together and maybe find love again.

Instant fame

How would you react if you were one day approached by a flash of paparazzi dubbing you instantly famous, only to find out it was because you had been dating the son of a well known billionaire! For many it would be a blessing, but for reclusive Iris, this blessing slowly turned into a curse that wou...

A Trophy Father's Trophy Son

When Josh meets Abagail, he doesn't know what to think. Her beauty is a spell on him, and he can't get her out of his mind. Will she ruin his reputation as a the school player? As the most popular guy on campus?

Back to Reality

Hi, my name is Allison, Allison Grey. I'm 16 years old and starting my junior year of high school. Life was never really normal for me and my friends. There was always something wrong, but now, things are just wayyyy too complicated. But Micheal, he's my life saver. If he didn't transfer...

The Tomboy, The Friend, And The lover

Diana has always been a tomboy, she has always hated make-up,all her life shes had more guy friends then girl friends. but her closest friend is Vic...maybe a bit to close. Oliver is friends with one of Diana's guy cousin. what happens when Oliver and Vic start to have a small crush on Diana?

Awkward Girls.

High School is a crazy time in someone's life. Especially for an awkward girl. There are crushes, best friends, drama, cute teachers, and family. How can a girl handle it all? Lucy has no idea how she has, but is determined to make her last two years AMAZING! And is determined to show her crush,...

Movie of my Life

Sometimes, Life is better than television. Sometimes life is better than a movie. Sometimes those lives are documented. This one is.

Rising Tides

You know when you like someone, but you're not sure if they feel the same way? That is exactly how Rachel and Braydon feel about each other. Both lost in the labyrinth of each others unspoken words. Not to mention the complication of them both engulfed in relationships. Will they ever get out of...

Fallen in Love (A Real Life Story)

Jaymie is going to highschool. She's just gotten out of a bad relationship, but she's already fallen for someone else. A guy she had never expected to fall for.
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