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The Things Dr. Bright is not alowed to do 2

A sequel to the hilarious post on the SCP Foundation!

Things I hate (rants)

I have so much stuff to rant about, so I thought 'Why not make it a public thing' so here it is Things I hate ♥
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117 Weird Things to Do When You're Bored

This is just a funny little list of things to do when a person is bored. Some can be done at home, many have to be done in public, and a select few might just get you arrested. Enjoy, and do comment if you do any of these things! DISCLAIMER: I do not own all of these ideas, some of them are from dif...

Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Guy

I noticed that there are a lot of girls following me, so I decided to make something for the girls. So here is Ten Things You Should Never Say to a Guy. I hope you enjoy and tell me if you agree.

A List of Things to Do If You are Bored

Are you bored? Here is some things to do to battle against boredom! (Note - Not all of these are original ideas, but about 50% of them are. Thanks.)

Things YOU RELATE to at school (*'ω'*)

Heres 10 examples of things you can relate to during school!! Do you relate to any?? Check it out!!

Things i Hate about Fanfictions

This is about stuff I hate about fanfictions

Rants. Things that annoy me on Quotev.

Things that annoy me on quotev that I like to rant about. And if you think something is annoying comment I might rant about that too.

101 things not to do in public

Another 'things not to do' list...

Funny Random Things

Its all in the title ^

20 ways to annoy people at a water park

List of ideas you can use to annoy your friends/enemies at water parks. If you know that the person will get upset, i advise you not to do it :-)

Things we hate about Teachers .

Originally By Khalil Underwood

101 Things to do for Your Girlfriend

Here are some things you should do for your girlfriend to bring out your inner gentlemen. Some of these facts, tips, or tricks are not guaranteed your safety, but its all for your love, right? If you don't have a girlfriend, some of these things may aid you in your quest to find one. Results may...

5 Things that annoy me about quotev

Here I go again with ranting, this time about quotev, or better, the people on quotev. Have fun reading.

99+ things to do in a boring class

Warning most of these WILL get you in to trouble I am not responsible for any thing that happens as a result of you doing there things
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