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Responses to Writing Prompts

Me writing things in response to the writings prompts Tumblr account, in order to get myself back into writing.

Writing assignments

If you're bored, check this out. It should tide you over for a while. Some of these are funny too! So have fun with this!
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The Bad Boy Has His Reasons

"Kaelyn, do you know how many guys want you?" I asked her. She shook her head, I could see a hint of confusion in her eyes. "What are you talking about? No guys 'want' me. I'm just plain old me," She mumbled. I shook my head. I tried to grab her hand but, she yanked it a...

PERFECT OC/RP fanfic guide! ;)

PERFECT for QUOTEV! *works for writing fiction too!* Warning: FULL of sarcasm, and basically says the opposite of what you have to do ... but then again, that's the point. COPIED IDEA AND NAME FROM THE YouTube channel!

Geɴυιɴe Cнαrαcтer Revιewѕ вy тнe Reвellιoɴ

Face it now, there are WAY too many of those unoriginal and underdeveloped cookie cutter characters favored by most of the authors out there, otherwise known as Mary Sues or Gary Stus. We want developed and interesting characters to read about and will help you improve any characters you send in. Th...

How to Make a Mary-Sue

I've seen some hilarious guides on how to make Mary-Sues, so I'm gonna try. I'm sorry if you're one of those Sue-hunters and are offended by this, but don't worry, I hate having them in my stories too. BUT sometimes, I'll write a story and make the main character as Sueish as...

How To: Quotev

Need writing advice? Wondering why your stories aren't getting lots of reads? Have questions at all? Well take a look at this guide! A guide on Quotev do's and don'ts, writing in general, titles, covers, cliches, all that jazz.

Write To Survive!

Want to participate / watch a long-term writing contest where a contestant gets voted off each round? Click for more info! :)

December writing contest

December writing contest READ ALL OF THE INSTRUCTIONS entries will be judged by me and @keefesencenlordhunkyhair

Quirkiness and Quarantine

When life gives you lemons, make satirical comedy out of it. I'm just you're regular stupid 15 year old wanting to get popular through desperately searching for a healthy coping mechanism. Join me through my everyday life, and I shall enlighten you on all sorts of things. Just don't expe...

I Lived Through Time - How We Begin

Nobody seems to know where he comes from, or where he disappears to. Does he even know himself?

Aspen reads her old writing!

Some commentary on my old fiction writings. Most of them are at least several years old, just to make sure I get to the really awful stuff that I used to think was good. Warning: major cringe.

He's Falling In Love With Me

Hiding behind her books, Alise never wanted to stand out. She blended with the crowd, hoping that no one would notice her. But there's a new addition to her school. Meet Daniel. A leather jacket, bad boy who could care less of the world around him. A smokin' manic who tries (and fails) at c...

Purple Prose the Story

A shitpost making fun of the abundance of purple prose in stories.

How To Write Without the Rage

Tired of the endless frustration and wasted hours that come with writing anything online? Want to know how to do better and make your writing potentially worthy of being among the godly scriptures of our current age? Boy howdy do I have the book for you!

How to roleplay/write Homestuck characters!

Or: I Ramble On About How I Believe The Characters From Homestuck Should Be Written Or Roleplayed With Research And Mainly My Memory! (If you'd like me to do one of these for any fan adventures, just message me and I'll start getting to it!

Made for..

This is where I make short stories, the funny crap stuff, and do stuff for my followers. (:

I've always wished you were mine...

Bethany Brook Johnson, a Junior who thinks of herself as a really normal person, but her friend told her that I'm one of the prettiest girls in the school. She's a new student who deals with her own life. Maybe always, and maybe never.

Manual for writing stories on quotev

This will help you to write the most popular story on QuoteV. WARNING: Lots of sarcasm in here. This story was made for fun and nothing should be taken seriously. Enjoy reading! :)


Scarlett Wonderson is sister to one of the most famous girls alive-Rachel Wonderson. Scarlett is sick and tired of all the attention she seems to be getting just from being related to Rachel, so she's moving and changing her last name. She can't, and won't trust anyone with her secret.
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