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My Girly Secret: Gopher Boy

Daniel Madden's life was pretty average. After turning 18 and having his long time friend, Simmy, get him a job working for his idol, he thought life was an easy street. I mean, he'd finally get to meet the 17 year old idol, Luke! Not only that, but work for him! Luke Ellis is not at all the...


Being famous is not all its cracked up to be, and when the pressures finally catched up to Alec, he can't help but crack
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Golden (rewritten)

You're an ex drug addict and a struggling survivor in the illegal, underworld. You wanted to make a 180 degree turnaround on your life, so you had some help finding a stable job. Life seems to move smoothly, but you never expected an international celebrity to ruin your golden peace. (Cover take...

𝗠𝘂𝗰𝗵 𝗔𝗱𝗼 𝗔𝗯𝗼𝘂𝘁 𝗘𝘃𝗲𝗿𝘆𝘁𝗵𝗶𝗻𝗴

[Yandere x Reader] Y/n L/n, a social media influencer famous for their hilarious tiktoks, relatable tweets, and a youtube channel boasting more than 20 million subscribers, sounds impressive for an 18 year old dontcha think? Well, too bad, hot girl summer is now officially over and it’s time for col...

Puff- You're adopted. (Male!Reader Insert)

"What do you mean?" You asked confusedly. "Just what you heard." The teenager with golden eyes confirmed. "How come I was adopted by the villainous God?" You ask again, raising your eyebrows. "He has a problem, even I was adopted along with twelve more proclaimed 'her...


Being second in line for the throne is not easy, especially when you are being sent away to become a proper princess in the eyes of the world. Dee is someone who just wants to have a good time without much obstacles, but once enrolled into the academy, she finds herself change slowly. And with all o...

Diary of Dawnless

In a world of witches, mythical creatures, and realms, Merlin Dawnless is a mage from the Demonic Mage clan who recently just turned 310 years old. Merlin had attended normal magic schools his whole life, at least, until he got a letter at his door one day telling him that he had been accepted into ...

Changes of Seasons

Marc Wells is a 21 year old man, who isn't much of a romantic and isn't exactly happy with his life. But what happens when he meets the woman of his dreams?

The Statue (Original Story)

The Statue is a story about a fairytale gone wrong, with your average Joes, alcohol stashes in the laundry room, bewitched hunchbacks and miraculous accidents.

So You Think You're Famous? ReWritten

Charlene Rhoades, was famous, and not just mildly famous majorly so. Having two parents constantly in the world's spotlight she was raised to be a perfect little star. Until not too long after her mother's death she disappears from the media altogether and reappears in a small city in Alabam...

My Awkward Story

This is my awkward story and if you don't read it, I won't allow you to ride Freddrick, my unicorn. Sorry for the inconvenience.

New School Here I come

My name is Haley Hyland. My parents finaly let me go to a boarding school, so I'm realy happy. I'm just sad to leave Jacques behind, but I think my new friends will keep me from falling.

New School Here I come

My name is Haley Hyland. My parents finaly let me go to a boarding school, so I'm realy happy. I'm just sad to leave Jacques behind, but I think my new friends will keep me from falling.

Jackass and Mindy

Alright, this is for reaching a hundred followers! So, you know Jackass? Yeah, I decided to do a story about me and him! We're actually good friends! What? What do you mean we're not? Jackass, don't be so meeeeaaaan!

Online Love (Original Story)

I stared at the screen quizzically. Was this for real? Did that jackass just seriously say that. Oh hell no. When Jamie's friend suggest a site for her to share her stories, she excited. That was, until he showed up.

The Falling Star

Allie Hendrix is a normal girl from West Virginia. Her life is pretty much ordinary, with a boyfriend to deal with and her last year in school about to start, she thinks her life couldn’t get any more complicated. Until she met Dimitri Miller, her hot new neighbor, a thirty year old womanizer who is...

Cooĸιeѕ αɴd Creαм (Orιɢιɴαl Sтory)

Adelaide Basil Alexandrine is a quiet girl who moves to Jeddito, Arizona. She meets the mysterious Ki, the boy across the street, and the loud and fun Freya. What kinds of adventures will these three teens have?

Never Leaving

David Robinson was your average college student who juggles between his study and his part-time job - being a pizza delivery guy. His job wasn't so interesting until he had to deliver to Vance Lloyd, a mysterious (trap) teenager who shuts herself in her room for 24/7.

A Tales of Three Heroines!... Well, one of 'em is a trap.

The troublesome tales of three lovely best friends who came from their horrible depressing life back at home. Now they came together and decided to live in an apartment--but wait! What sort of secrets are they hiding from one another? By the way, this story might be a bit brutal on some cases--but y...
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