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Murder of the morning

Step aside, John Wick- Fiona is in town!

New Beginnings

A talented witch, a clumsy element-bender, an energetic shapeshifter, and a pellet-hungry bunny star in this short story that will tug at your heart strings and tickle your funny bones.
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Scout’s tale (discontinued)

This is the tale of a 16 year old sky child named Scout, she lost her father from being drafted to Eden and her mother is always away from home. She lives out her life in bliss, yet wishes to complete her father’s mission.

Reach For The Stars

"The teenage life in the spotlight had to be one of the hardest ways to live by far. Even though everyone knows that, they still want to live it. It sounds like the dream life, or even better, the teenage dream. The only thing left to do is reach for the stars."

The ON-CALL Night

Get up Dear. It is morning already, my darling.' That's what one expects to hear when they wake up in the morning. 'Oow!!' was the first word said by me when I woke up. To make things...

My Cats Diary

Yes, I have stolen over my owners account and have decided to write about my ever longing life in my kingdoms rein of the household. - Disclaimer None of the pictures are mine

Nothing but a Shadow

Seventeen-year-old Claire had accepted her life in the monsterous city of Maldoff, she even embraced it. But when a young boy named Dex shows up in her mother shop, she finds her life turned upside down. Tasked with stealing the nations most treasured jewel, four teenagers set out on the adventure o...

Classmancers 2 - A MOBA Esport Story

Continuation of part 1 which can be found here: Classmancers - A MOBA Esport Story

Google translate is messed up

Random phrases and sentences put into Google Translate. Warning for ultimate randomness, craziness, and more.

chaos that is me

boredom. headache. quarantine. covid. Not a good mix. So, my second day of having covid has made me so bored I actually decided to write this. obviously I don't have much to say, I'm just your average britsh girl who goes to high school, reads and writes fanfiction for a living and is dedica...

The Rose 3l Elements

Nadia must face "family issues" and solve the riddle to the rose working as a triple agent, while Zack and Luke work to keep her tethered to this world.

Sort of) Incorrect OG Story Quotes

just a few story quotes that i may or may not put in later hehhhehhehehehh


This story has a lot to do with my personal feelings and experiences, including relationships and potentially upsetting, concerning, or disturbing thoughts. Some of this story will have a comedic sens...

Secret crush - izuku x Y/N

It was a normal day while you we're walking to UA's gates. You locked up and was amazed that you actual made it into UA. You hear someone yell your name in the background, "Y/N!!!" As ...

Elementals: The Almost Nearly-Technically-End Of The World

Two boys, three girls. All of them orphans. All of them with powers they have yet to unlock. When an ancient parasite awakens and it's activities increase, something happens to spark each of their gifts. They are all brought together to start a quest to bring out their abilities to the fullest. ...

The Mysterious Man of Water's Jive

Angelo Suzumiya, a self proclaimed Classic Rocker, starts a band. [Author's Note: This is my first non-one shot in a while, so be nice. Please give constructive criticism if you can.]

Chris and Lloyd Want Superpowers

Chris has to put up with a lot when it comes to his roommate Lloyd. But he has to put up with much more when Lloyd decides he wants to get them both superpowers. Chris can't seem to decide if Lloyd is out of his mind or actually onto something...or maybe both. (New chapters every Tuesday and Sat...

The Adventures of Maia Scott

15 year old Maia Scott is living the average teenage life until her best friend Sophie opens up the real truth about the mythical forces behind their world, and takes her away from her home. Maia meets the Wolvenkind, Asgardians, sorceresses and many other creatures along the journey towards the fin...
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