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Once Upon a Murder

Monica Breckenridge and Willa Villanova have been best friends their entire lives. They tell each other everything and know each other better than they know themselves—or so they think. When Willa is suddenly and mysteriously murdered, Monica is left to discover that the person she thought she knew ...

The Broken Wings of A Fallen Angel

She was just home. They had been planning this for weeks. She wasn't expecting anything to happen. They were just doing their job. She was about to be killed. He stopped them. Anderson, Blaze, Rory , Tyler and Tristan are The Black Bloods Gang. They are the most notorious gang that ever walked ...
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My Kidnapper And My Master

"Ava. I own you. You will do what I say, when I say it. Understood?" I felt Logan's hot breath tickle down my neck. It sent shivers racing down my back. I was about to protest when he crashed his lips to mine.

You Are The Only Exception

Taylor is the goody popular girl and Skylar is the baddest troublemaker. Taylor had everything in her life that she had ever wanted while Skylar had to struggle with everything from her past. These girls are total opposites, but happens when their worlds collide?

Dreams Vs. Reality

The story of a girl who can't tell the difference between dreams and reality.

The Book of Lies

Ms. Smith’s Military School for Delinquent Youths closed down after all the students burned it down and escaped. Now the supposedly destroyed school stands abandoned, in the middle of nowhere. Until Marcus, an aspiring journalist comes to the school for a potential story. What he finds instead is a ...

Innocent And Broken

What does the story photo have something to do with a story like this? A rose that is red, different from all the black roses. That's what this girl in the story feels like, a rose who is different. But remember, roses are like people, they grow into a different kind, but they're still beaut...

Lovely broken

We kissed, the alcohol kicking in. I felt the rough wall behind my back, as I tangled my fingers in his hair. Our kisses grew deeper, wilder. Like it was the first time we ever felt this free. Maybe it was. Under the stars, no one watching, we got lost in each other. My breath in his, his hands arou...

Broken Nights

I was helping a friend try and write a creative piece and well..this was my attempt xD hope you guys can give me feedback, it's been years since I properly wrote anything.

A Broken Heart Cured

This is a Romance short story about a young boy being abused and with a broken heart but then. Not for people 12 or under Should i make a 2nd part ot this?

Adora Meton and the Broken Glass

This is the story of a to-be woman who lives in France. When sent off to finishing school, a girl dies on the first day. Adora goes deeper into the school, finding out secrets, and finding her first and only love too.

Broken Inside

This Story Is About A Girl Named Jade. Heard The Song Nobodys Home? Thats What This Songs Biased Off Of.

Once Upon A Broken Dream *Finished*

Imagine waking up every morning with no memory. Not knowing who your family is or where you come from. For 7 years, that's been Silver's life. Until she decides to fight back. COPYRIGHT©2011. No Stealing.

The Unknown Girl: Broken Memories

Annabella tries to find her brother, Aaron. This is a direct sequel to The Unknown Girl. Please read The Unknown Girl before reading this.

Broken Story

Hi my name is Story Landers.Weird Name I know but I love it cuz it describes me Weird Lovable Feisty A fighter and well I will tell you more in the introduction

Love and wars!

Abusive boyfriend ... no dad ... no mother ..all silver has is her older brother and and her best friend maddie ! read to find out what happens to her !

The Book of Broken Dreams

This previously was known as The Meadow of Broken Dreams. Laurel is just like any other girl. She's a girl with thirty billion dollars to her name. Since Laurel was young, she knew she couldn't just trust anyone. But what will happen to Laurel when a black haired stranger comes to town and f...

Forever Broken

Find out how a player named Jason can change Alexa's life forever. Stop the beatings, stop all the pain in both there lives.
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