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The Day The World Died

Michael and James are Put In A New World where Insane Infected Things are Always Lurking The Shadows


Stacey,Lianne,and Latoya have been kidnapped by an evil man and a wicked lady. How will they escape?
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Five teenagers. One disaster. While they must evacuate the Mascarade Ball, they all find themselves trapped in one elevator. Everything seems to go down hill from there...

Aphrodite's Daughter -Finish-

Mileena Amor is 16 years old. One day, group of kids came and tried to kidnap her, using the power of the elements. While getting fed up with the games and a girl, name Lolly, jealously, Mileena used the elements against her. After that afternoon, after that event, the guys decided, she is the one. ...

Bad Dog

~~~~ Victoria is tired of being a shy, 18 year old that cant even make a simple conversation. So, what happens when she accidentally makes a wish for her dog Midnight, to be human so she wouldn't be lonely? Her, waking up next to a hot naked guy that claims to be her dog. Now that her canine f...

The Tails of Flagler Beach

Friends, Katie, Skyler, Alex, Sam, and Robert, live a normal life in the coastal town of Flagler Beach, FL. This changes when Katie, Skyler, Alex, and Sam are transformed into merpeople! They must meet the challenge of keeping their secret from the world, including Robert, a challenge that will put ...

The LostFox (Sequel to The FoxGirl)

It's been 1 year since we last saw Kileana Sohma and her friends and family, Kileana is now attending college to become a artist and slowly her and Kyo have been drifting apart because of how busy they are.Kyo has under gone training once again with his master, Kazuma Sohma, while Kileana has be...

Kentucky Bell

Elena was normally what you would call your bad girl of the school. What she didn't know was that her friends were spies, and they knew almost everything.

The Cases of Connected Stories

This is a new story involving detectives and comedy and set in England, 1886... Well to be honest i'm not that good at comedy so just like pretend it's funny! (*=v=*) By S.C.Bach

Fated To Love You (Teacher/Student)

Lucas Andrews is a young Physical Education teacher in Staples high. He's not that typical stern teacher, but he's in case an arrogant, sullen teacher with a huge ego. Needless to say at his age and him being a young, fit, 24-years-old handsome male teacher, he's often targeted in pranks...

Let's Play Pretend

It started as joke, but it escalated to becoming much more than that. Rynn Jacobs is a 17-going-on-18 girl and has never been kissed, had a boyfriend, or ever texted a guy. It was unexplored territory. It's now her senior year, and she doesn't want to graduate as the "Prune". Instead...

The Last Guy I Loved.

I have always loved Sean. But it was Senior year when I found out that he didn't love me. He loved Jules ~ the new girl in town. I hated her... I should hate her. But something about her ~ maybe it was the fact that she was so effortlessly cool, or the fact that she was so genuinely nice, and ki...

How two people can fall in love

Its about a girl and this boy who never thoght they would fall for each other!

A penny for your thoughts. [updated and changed]

This is a love story about teenagers with special powers. They are accepted in PRS, a school where they learn to control and use their powers.

The thing that you read!

*Walks in Lydia's house* Lydia: Why are you here? Hannah: Nice way to greet your friend *laughs* Lydia:Why are you here?? Hannah:I want you to go with me to the HAUNTED HOUSE! Lydia:Okay le.....

Surviving a Nightmare

(FINISHED,unless ppl want a sequel) Rain is stuck in a Nightmare that keeps getting worst, first her worst enemy is staying at her house, second she has a stalker...will Rain make it out of this nightmare alive? read to find out

The Rabbit Hunt

Six orphans are placed on a luxury cruise to represent a country. The fate of ending an ongoing war rests on their shoulders. But not only must they fight each other... a hunting dog is among them

The lost girl

A little girl who was kidnapped but got left in the woods lol idk


Seth moves to California to live with his cousin. What he wasn't expecting was to fall in love with her best friend. This is a boyxboy story. Don't like? Don't read/ :3
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