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Race Against Darkness

Farren never expected for her whole life to take a turn for the worst the night she goes out to have fun with her best friend. What will happen to Farren when she's suddenly kidnapped by a gang that night? Even she herself doesn't know, but it's now up to her to escape whatever darkness ...

What's A Lover?

The second book to "What's A Princess?", and more mysterious than the last. ********************************************************************************************************** A girl who shoulders the blame for any unusual occurrences. A boy set on winning her heart. What could po...
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The Darkest Hour: Forbidden Realms

PROLOGUE The Sebrilian Tribe was too scared of the woods...There was a myth that some years ago 5 people of the Sebrilian Tribe was walking in the woods searching for some lost children who were lost there when they were playing. The legends says, the people and the children who gone there has never...

The Depths

Would you plunge into the depths?

The dark geek

A dark but shy 13 year old girl that has ice powers and has been going to asassin school scents PR-k now she is starting asassin junior high will she make it through it unnoticed or will she be the the dark geek she has always been. {Grammar mistakes sorry}😱😱😱😱

Who Watches Over You From the Woods? (Long Results)

Find out what mystical creature fell in love with you and watches you from the mysterious woods :)

Elements of darkness part 2.

If you havent read the first. this one will make no sence. the first ones called elements of darkness. just elements of darkness.

Elements of darkness part 3.

If you havent read part 1 or part 2 this one wont make any sence.

Elements of darkness part 4.

If you havent read part 1, 2, or 3 this wont make any sence.

Pain or Fear?

Nyx lives in a dark horrid world. Connected to it by a bloody black chain. Shes gardian of this world and also the devil's daughter. She tries desperety to escape her fathers cluthches but is unable to. Can a certain mysterious boy aloow to break the cahin? Or is she stuck there for eternity?

Confronting the Reaper King *finished*

A war between good and evil, and I'm in the middle. Reapers are following me, but for a whole different reason then to claim my soul. I think sometimes their going to catch me. But now there's the light. The good in this evil world. When family is more important then true love, which will I ...

Lost in Darkness

Ally is 15 years old. Tall, beautiful and sweet. But her life spins out of control when the ghost of her new house trys to take her.

Darkness Becomes Her

A curse beyond her darkest fears. Ari can't help feeling lost and alone.With her teal eyes and freakish silver hair that can't be changed or destroyed, Ari has always stood out. And after growing up in foster care, she longs for some understanding of where she came from, and who she is. Her...

The Search For Paradise

I made my way down the empty road; my mentor was waiting for me at his house. This happened every time we were driven out of a town. We would meet back at this lonely house in the middle of nowhere; the only thing that gave it away was the creepy aura it gave off when within 10-20 metres of it. One ...

Once upon a dark night.. (FINISHED)

Carter is more then you're average teenager. Not just because she's captian of the cheerleading squad, volunteers almost every weekend, and her parents are well known doctors. She has a secert past all of that. One that takes more then the occasional questions to anwswer.

The darkness

In a nucular ravaged land only Scott, Jason, Emily and Shyla are left in this baren place can they survive? Are they the only ones alive?

The Diary of Raven: Darkness with in.

Hi.I'm Raven Shay.I'm the loner of the school.I only have a brother named Kage.He is the popular one.We are twins but he is older by 10 seconds...Read to find out more...I dont own pictures only text.

Falling Into Darkness

Hey im shad and Im part of an ... please read ma first story -_-'

Fight or Flight

What is Carlly going to do when evil starts knocking at her door and it is her trueself? What will be Carlly's Destiny, will she become just like the others? Is she going to be able to surpass it or embrass it?
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