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What Dreams Are Made Of

I had a dream...I was unknown to everything...my mind, still had questions to ponder as our bodies pressed against each other's, she told me, "It's okay..." A solace voice ran through my ears, as we danced amongst the room. A shout out and thanks to Kristen for helping with some part...

Beyond Common Sense.

Ria has been having dreams about a mysterious young man almost everynight, but as what everyone does, she wakes up next morning and continue her life as usual, but what happens when she actually meets the young man? What happens when she transforms to his world, the world of Dreams?
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Dreams Vs. Reality

The story of a girl who can't tell the difference between dreams and reality.

Dreams of Risk (Trigger Warning)

(BXB) Cole's POV- Cole is anorexic and because of his actions is admitted into the mental hospital


When i met you i didnt know that you were going to be so important to me.Some bad language used and its a book for ages 15+


When her dreams start to became mixed with her reality kate starts to think she is going insaine.


A young man attempts to explore his mind by logging what his dreams say about his trauma. In the midst of this logging, he discovers parts of himself that had remained unexplored.

My Dreams are haunted

This is a story about a girl that has a recurring dream a dream that is full of mystery and fears and someone who face is always a mystery. Chapters 6 to 11 now done.

Hide N' Seek

"Looking for Sean is like playing hide and seek with someone that doesn't want to be found," thought Leanne. Leanna is sixteen years old and has only dated duds. But what will happen when she dreams about Sean but can't find him?

Nicole's Dreams

Nicole a poor girl left in a small country side place with her god mother Aveil,gets treated like a servant but when things happen, Nicole's bad fortune changes.

The Book of Broken Dreams

This previously was known as The Meadow of Broken Dreams. Laurel is just like any other girl. She's a girl with thirty billion dollars to her name. Since Laurel was young, she knew she couldn't just trust anyone. But what will happen to Laurel when a black haired stranger comes to town and f...

I was alone with no one

I cant belive it came true , now in the back of my mind All i can do is think about it,...


She has a dream, so does he, as they try to make them happen, their two paths meet♥ © copyright, I own only the text, copyright goes to those who own the photos.

A Different Kind Of Wonderland

Roki is a 16 year old girl who wakes up in a swamp, only to realize that not everything is what we think it is...

The Dreams

Adrienne, a 16-year-old high schooler, begins having dreams that take her away from her normal, suckish life, and take her to different worlds... But there's something different about these dreams... They're just too real.


The only thing worst then forgetting your past, is remembering it.

Beautiful Nightmares.

15 year old Adrian has strange recurring dreams of a ghost named Kyle. Adrian must find out what Kyle wants and why he wants her to help him. Along with her best friend Caysen, she has to learn the mystery of Kyle's death and what the dreams mean.

Dreamers Lie

A Dream Journal; I'm tracking how often I have bad dreams, and seeing if I can find a pattern. Maybe stop them.

In My Dreams

Jade Leah Smith lives a normal life. When she was in 7th grade, her best friend was reported missing. 2 years later, Jade has survived with out her friend. Suddenly, she has been getting disturbing nightmares about Kayla. And after months and months of haunting her unconscious mind. Jade begins to f...

Blondie Scared.

Faye Milford has had a tough life, With her mum dying when she was just 13. But what happens when Faye starts to have some weird dreams, filled with people telling her all sorts of secrets about her life. But how can Faye be sure what's a dream and what's not anymore? Read to find out more.
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