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Beyond Common Sense.

Ria has been having dreams about a mysterious young man almost everynight, but as what everyone does, she wakes up next morning and continue her life as usual, but what happens when she actually meets the young man? What happens when she transforms to his world, the world of Dreams?


Five innocent people kidnapped and forced into an underwater maze. With only three days to escape, will they make it in time before their oxygen supply runs out? It was just your average Friday afternoon. No one had thought it would turn out the way that it did. A nine year old boy, Sammy Bennet...
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Mysterious Dangers

Hi, my names Jena. I'm 16 and in for the ride of my life. I just moved to Raining Springs, Kansas. I'm already getting into trouble. Mysterious Bikers, Crazy cousins and a WHOLE LOTTA TROUBLE. Can i survive this roller coaster of emotions, and concur my past...

High School Complication

Kathy A Wilson just transferred to Forest Fever High School when being forced to live with on her own. She learns to behave herself and stop all the pranks after promising her mother that she'd stay out of trouble. But with everything going on in her life in the middle of the story, will Kathy g...


This is a horror story i wrote in English class I'm sorry, I'm bad a descriptions

Pale Moon Light

"You can live your whole life wondering 'what if' or you can take the initiative and in the worst case end up with an 'oh well'." - Cit. Unknown

Escape the Past

"You said I was your savior, but how can I help you if you won't let me in?" ******************************************* Hazel Johnson is a 28 year old woman running a business and is in the list of the top 15 richest people in the world. She has proven so many people wrong that women ca...

Yearnings in the City

Ever wondered what it's like to date a mysterious person? Hana Matsuoka is no exception. It is spring in New York City. Free spirited and hardworking 21 year old Hana locks eyes with Yuri, a shy and mysterious 22 year old model and musician at a concert in Williamsburg. Behind the model face is ...

The Father

I am an orphan who's mother passed away with all your sisters is left alone at a boarding school with no one to talk to but the mysterious headmaster. your father dissappeared one night after a fight with your mom the night befor your only other family members were gone forever.

The Secrets of Salhara

Human sacrifices, forbidden caves, murdered girls. Regan's determined to find the secrets of her new home, then mysterious Brad comes into town. She puts herself and her family in danger, how stupid can one girl be...?

Torren the Torrent

"Why am I like this?" Asked Torren running her hands through her sandy blonde hair. "I don't know why you or I am like this. We are just born this way I guess. We are mutants," Zane said wrapping his arms comfortingly around her.

Welcome To Valor

Welcome to Valor. A small town filled with nice people, extraordinary landscapes, and a right at home feeling. A perfect place, except for the secret.

Tara Parker: The Mysterious House

Tara Parker is just moving into a new house, and when she sees it, it isn't very pleasant-looking. When she finally arrives at her new house, her sister goes missing! So then a wild search for her sister goes on! And, in the house, Tara has heard some weird sounds. Could this house be haunted? F...


I stared at the ring of which rested snugly upon my finger. A few tears drifted from my eyes. I glanced up at the man, who's smile was evil and broad. His hand moved lightly into the air, just inches before my face, and opened. He wanted my ring.

The Mysterious Adventures of the Curious O Brien

Nothing goes right in this family. Four years after the death of their parents, the O'Brien family can't seem to stay out of trouble. San Francisco will never be the same.

My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

Reina would do ANYTHING 2 keep her past a secret... After all, Reina ALWAYS gets what she wants.

Deep Blue Eyes

When Skylar moves house with her bestfriend, she meeets this guy with deep blue eyes. He's hot, smart, athletic, kind, caring, but there's something odd about him, his eyes. There not normal. He's hiding something, but what is it?

A mysterious death

A creepy girl kills a boy one night,[Short story]

Another mysterious death,

A story told morbidly about a woman who was baked in a oven.


Yes this is a TV show and no im not copeying it. haha just wanted to get that clear! this is a TV show that i absalotlay love and just thought i would give a description to it and tell you what happens and soo on, some of you may know it but if you dont hope this gives you a reson to check it out! i...
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