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The Morrison House Haunting

There is a story called Morrison House on this site which is a complete rip-off of my story. Here is the original written in 2007 by me Michael Webster...

Warren Sisters: Paranormal Investigation

Alexis and Diane Warren live in Gabriel's Gardens, a city known for its flashy luxury, rotten people, criminal minds... and paranormal occurences. They never got to know their real parents and were raised by a priest who illegally runs the only church in the city. The only heritage they received...
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The Undiscovered

Guidance for paranormal troubles, observation practice, words of hope, possibly brutal honesty, and something a little darker all rolled into one.

internet guide to the paranormal

Hello Quotev, it's your friendly neighborhood Freak, and I'm here to say that yes, this is what you actually thought it was, a real guide to the paranormal. More specifically spectors, ghosts,...

Paranormal Three [BEING REWRITTEN ]

"What does it mean to see something you weren't meant to see?" I've been asked that my whole life. It's not really scary to be honest, it's just... normal to me. - Allison Kirkland Allison Kirkland is no ordinary heterochromatic fifteen year old, having the ability to see...

Whispers in the Dark

Though only twenty years old, Kol Cassidy has already made something of a name for himself. You might be thinking he's a singer, actor or model, but his profession is a bit more out there than others. Hailing from a family of mediums, he uses his hereditary gift to help people get closure. One p...

Sanity Hill

Donnie's parents are on vacation, so what do they do? Drop off their son to stay with crazy Uncle Frank in a tiny town in Missouri: Sanity Hill. When there, Donnie meets paranormal enthusiast Candor who reveals the town is cursed. Donnie doesn't believe it at first until he witnesses it firs...

Deliriums Guide to The Unknown

Here we will share our personal experiences we consider to be strange and/or paranormal.

Fantastic Adventures

Mystery, conspiracies, romance, and the paranormal are just a few things that await Katrina Turner, a young artist from the tiny town of Eureka, Nevada. When a tabloid article catches her eye in a convenience store, she will be swept up in a fantastical alien hunting adventure full of magic, firewor...

The Lunar's Rose (1: The Fiona Diaries)

A young teen mother of the twins and wannabe detective, Fiona Kellen has been shot in a university shooting by a shooter named Joey Parrish who had been expelled for abusing his ex girlfriend Jennette Dallastown. As Fiona is dying, a scientist named Sam Wellston from the Sanders Headquarters saves ...

My Life's Falling Apart

A new story I'm writing that I thought would be fun.

The Game.

It's a matter of life and death, you need to be quick, sneaky. But when Hayley and her friends find themselves in a game no one wants to play will they have the guts to take it to the end?


Girl saves boy, girl saves boy, over and over again. The boy seems to never get out of his debt, leaving him stuck with her, and she stuck with him, until he does.

Till I Die

A story about love, hate, death, murder, and truth hidden in lies. Jessica is a phycic, but doesn't want to believe it. She gets all tangled up with her best friend Emily's murder, and a boy named Ryan. Lets see where this goes...

Paranormal Activity

Hey my name is Kayla Maccarone I'm 21 years old Born April 9th I have a daughter, Anna Maccarone She's Five Yeah Im the kind of girl who got pregnant at age 16 But no, I'm not a slu...

Paranormal Activity

David Warren and Kasey James have been going to the same high school for two years. Kasey is falling for David now and is unaware of his secrets as a young medium. David is cunning and strong with a passion for football. He is the athletic leader of his school and is extremely popular, and isnt kno...

The Dolls Eyes

When Khrisalis recived a beautiful hand made doll from her father she never thought that the doll would be able to talk and walk without her consent.But now the doll is after her buatiful blue eyes somthing the doll dos'nt have.

Hidden Secrets (Paranormal Love)

I wrote this for my student teacher from my freshman year of high school. Her name was Emily and that's where I get the name from.

The man in the photo.

The first day I saw him I don't know how old I was.. maybe seven or eight. I remember that day very clearly. My older sister, Chelsea was supposed to be babysitting me while my mom was out, doi...

I Think I'm Dreaming

- “I believe in everything until it's disproved. So I believe in fairies, the myths, dragons. It all exists, even if it's in your mind. Who's to say that dreams and nightmares aren't as real as the here and now?” - John Lennon
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