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The secret organization

A group of kids with powers try to save the world and not get cought by the secret organization (new chapter once a week)

Secret Affinity

Moving is either a teenage dream or a haunting nightmare, but for Arial, it's a spell of mystery and confusion. It's a journey from her first love to puzzling city ordeals. Her mysterious neighbor, Arian McCoy, has a strange inclination to protect her. For a person so cold-hearted and unappr...
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BoyxBoy] The boy with the secret.~

Theres a boy at the local school who seems to be rather shady, he avoids everyone else and always wears baggy and oversized clothing and never removes his hoody.

A Secret To Die For

I stared down in horror at what was infront of me. My heart dropped, and I felt like if I was going to puke. I looked up to see the rest of them; Amber, Stephanie, Aleena, and Brittany. Aleena was sitting near a tree, hugging her knees shaking her head, and rocking back and forth. Stephanie had her ...

We Are Sirens

Ocean and Misty are entering their third year in high school when their life is changed in a mysterious and magical way. They discover a secret they are sworn to keep, but it wasn't as easy as they thought it would be...


Hello, my name is Emmeline Montgomery, and this is the story of my life from beginning till end. You`ll see my sister who betrayed me, my father who abandoned me, my mother who left me, and the friends who lost me. My life is...messed up. But as if the bullies and family problems weren`t enough...th...

Elemental High the Secret That Lies Beneath the School

Elemental High, where students off all kinds of powers come together, and live in harmony. There are the ones who can control fire, water, wind, earth, darkness, light, ice and lava. But there is something that lurks in the depths of the school. Will these children be able to figure it out, or will ...

The Secret Life of Pets Tragedy

When a large number of problems strike, will Max and his friends be able to stop it?

On the Edge

Simon thinks he's saving a stranger from committing suicide: the stranger has a different idea. Neither of them realizes the danger they've just walked into.


Two sisters. The bond Julie shares with Kelly is unbreakable, glued with years of secrets - or is it?

The past is my future...

What if a girl goes to boarding school only to discover her unheard past and her future that she cant accept

I'm Sorry I Think I Love You

An emo story were he kidnaps her. She just wants to go home to her brother, and he wants a love. But someting happens and she finds out his secret!

Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead

"We were all there that night. We know what happened." Lydia said in tears. "SO? Its not gonna change a damn thing. Shes dead Lydia. Get over it." He walked out and slammed the door. Lydia fell to the ground in tears. Guilt was killing her.

A Secret to Keep

Ali, Autumn, and Camden have been best friends since first grade, but when a fatal, life taking tragedy strikes and secrets are revealed, Camden finds herself with a dark secret she could either tell or keep. Either one she picks, someone gets hurt.

Secret, a Romance

You meet a mysterious boy on the beach, who runs away from you, leaving you confused. When you meet him again at school, and get to know him, it becomes clear he has some kind of secret. But what is it, and do you really want to know? My first story on Quizzazz :)

The World of Sea and Sky

Marine, half winged dog and half water dog, is struggling to fit in with her friends both in the sea and in the sky. As she searches for answers to her strange life, she uncovers secret after secret, mystery after mystery. And through all of this, she discovers more than she ever wanted to know.

Keys of Secret

Is that a key for every secret? *Based off My own thoughts and the book Lament by Maggie Stiefvater*

Signs of Misery :Sequal to Secretly Killing:

Sequal to "Secretly Killing", read that first because otherwise you will be confused

My Mystery Lover

Hello Alex, Your the most beautiful girl I know. -Mystery Lover ♥ (In a girls pov) Finished

Gianna's Secret Life

A girl who gets drunk and has to have a secret life with her boyfriend forever
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