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You have wings? (BxB)

*BOOK 1* (BxB) A seventeen-year-old boy discovers the world's biggest secret by accident. Or was it? Have you ever believed in destiny, fate or coincidence? Young Corey didn't until he was forced to witness the impossible truth. When an angel is discovered on earth, it is prominent that hi...
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I'll Take a Bullet for You

Alistair Carlson. I've known him since kindergarten, but never once talked to him. He's the spotlight, the most gorgeous guy in school, but the most feared. He rejects girl after girl who muster the courage to approach him and repels all but his own group of uncanny friends. He's the str...

Secret Affinity

Moving is either a teenage dream or a haunting nightmare, but for Arial, it's a spell of mystery and confusion. It's a journey from her first love to puzzling city ordeals. Her mysterious neighbor, Arian McCoy, has a strange inclination to protect her. For a person so cold-hearted and unappr...

Fortress of Lost Worlds

An organization meant to protect the people from unknown threats and harm. You never see dinosaurs still alive or dragons, because they don't want you to.They are supposed to be undercover, but the few that did find them out turn up missing. They recruit by blackmail, using their power, or pick ...

Disco Demon

As a former aspiring actress, Lydia finds herself broke and out of college with a life full of lackluster student debt and camerawork waiting for her at a television production studio. At least- that's how it was supposed to be. Nothing adds up in the studio, which becomes even more clear after ...

Cliffcoast Academy For Gifted (Yandere Superhero/villain x reader)

We live in a world where we co-excise with humans and those with special abilities. After (F/n) (L/n) parents passed away she is sent to live with her uncle at the Cliffcoast Academy for gifted students, where she will unlock mysteries and began to catch the eye of obsessive lovers.

Lessons Are Meant to Be Learned

Allana Shay was expecting a boring person to fill in for her English teacher, but instead she gets a handsome southern man named Beau Vickerman with a flirting complex. After a few run ins, she doesn't care for him much. He, on the other hand, has a lesson to teach 'his' girl. Using Jos...

I'm a psychopath.

Le monde est fait pour être consumé. Du moins, c'est ce que je pense, moi. Je suis ce qu'on pourrait appeler "spécial". Serial killer de génie, violent et insaisissable. Ennemi mortel de la police et des jeunes filles trop curieuses. Mon nom ? Vous ne le saurez pas. Mais appelez m...

Malcolm's Life Story

When a boy name Malcolm committed suicide before graduating the friends he had starts thinking of time they had together and they come together to help find his parent what will happen throughout the story.

Brotherhood of Lies

A tale of action and broken camaraderie. Gunnery Sergeant Alastor Creedy seeks answers to his questions and revenge for his fallen squad. He scours for leads and missing information, fearing the worst. Could the betrayer be someone he knows and trusts?


Can you feel his stare..? He's watching...always watching. Eyes is a short story based on the monsters that live in our closet and under our bed, written originally for my English class.


She puffed her cheeks out, annoyed at his tone. " I don't trust them." "Oh, but you trust me?" he moved forward threateningly, his voice a low hum in his chest. "You trust an assassin who has the blood of hundreds of people but not them?" "At least you're not gon...

The Separation

Jorden Kyle checks into the seedy hotel 'Redhill Springs' in the middle of the night. Armed with only a suitcase and $50 in her pocket, little does she know things are about to get very dark, very quick. Discovering the hotel's dark secret of a never-ending door; Jorden becomes trapped ...

A Broken Heart Cured

This is a Romance short story about a young boy being abused and with a broken heart but then. Not for people 12 or under Should i make a 2nd part ot this?

Don't Stand to close to the water, you might drown.. .

Whatever you do don't stand to close to the water, you might drown... Espeacily when you're alive...".


Sarah Mason is a normal teenager: she go to the school, have friends... One day, she falls in love with the most popular guy in school and she realizes that he likes her and they start dating. In the begining of the relationship she thinks that she's living a teenager dream but then turns out to...

Better Hide Real Quick

I wrote this for my creative writing class. A lot of people said that they liked it. I hope all of you like it too. WARNING: CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND GORE.

Trapped (On Hold for a while)

Im trapped. Unable to escape. No windows, just walls, a floor, a locked door, and a ceiling. Im tied up in chains, blood dripping from my body. I can barely feel it though, my body's numb from everything. But i promise, I will find a way out and revenge will come their way.
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