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Obsessed With You

"You are all I have Catalina!"

365 Writing Prompts Challenge: Pt. Two

Welcome to the sequel to my 365 Writing Prompts Challenge (Pt.1). The other book reached the chapter. (Updates every day)
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Genshin Impact ocs

Pretty self explanatory


Cassandra needed to get out. She needed to escape. She had to. That or death. It was a run from death. But it just might save her. It was a chance she was willing to take.

All hail the Queen of Spades

Princess Sophie of the spade kingdom is faced with an issue-she must wed to take over the throne. However, she detests both her suitors, whom are the princes of the neighbouring kingdoms, Club and Heart.

Scary Stories!

Scary Stories! AHHH

Olivia Red

Olivia Red Olivia was a little girl, she loved to go outside and Run around. . she would draw pictures of people she saw at random places, she would always give them the paper after she drew them . s...

Short Stories I Made In Creative Writing

This will be a collection of short stories I made for creative writing. I have the class this year and thought it would be good to share em with the internet. He gives us prompts everyday/week and so since they'll all be mostly short stories I'll compile them all here. Hope you guys enjoy :o...

The Cursed Calculator

Weight gain story /// WARNING: KINKS ///

A Murderer At Lorandelle High

"A murderer.....at Lorandelle? Is that really possible?" Senior year, the year every high school student looks forward to. My senior year started out fun until it was no longer fun but.....deadly.

Fire, Earth, Air, Water

Alyssa, Alice, Elliot, and Dan all are Chosen Ones. Alyssa is a mermaid, Alice can control heat, Elliot controls nature, and Dan can fly. But will they use their powers for good, or turn into unstoppable supervillains?

Lucky Lucky Magical Girl

This is my collection story about magical girl. Enjoy this story!! If you interested and you want to write this to, ask to be the author to me!!! But, make your own story...and write your name if one of the chapter is wrtitten by you Example: ~ The Demon Slayer Thank you!!!


Random stories I have written down in my class. Random thoughts I have thought in my class.


Life is not always nice to everyone. Life turns different sides to different people. The young Joyce was fatherless, yet she exhibited good attributes. Joyce is the story of a zealous and hard-working lady. What did life bring for Joyce after her dad's death? Did Joyce later succeeded in life? A...


Just an entry for a competition August Writing Competition

An AgeRe daycare story starring YOU!

Thank you to the creator of Little Blossom Daycare for inspiring this story! TW: diaper mention. I will post a new chapter at least once a week, depending on how much time I have and how creative I feel.

The Murder at Poison Valley

On the planet of Hygeria, a wealthy businessman is murdered; the killer is nowhere to be found, not leaving any clues behind. After many killings occur in the wealthiest region of Hygeria, Poison Valley, a young boy runs away in hopes of escaping the killer, before he himself is tracked down and kil...
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