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Bad Kid

When walls are rapidly pushing in, and more often it seems there is no way out, a young child slowly develops an eating disorder. *Trigger Warning*

The Summer Beauty Project

They called me fat. They called me ugly. So I changed. Hopefully, it'll make me less unpopular, and help (cough cough) that certain someone to notice me. Because the skinner you are, the prettier you are...right?
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In All Honesty

I stared at myself in the mirror, trying to figure out why I continue to do these things, but not finding an answer. I was breaking into a million pieces, but the worst part was, I knew it was all my fault. I saw the red scars lining my hips and thighs, and the bones protruding from my ribs. It wasn...

Not Skinny Enough

Everyday, I wish I could be skinny like the other girls. I could wake up, and put on any of my clothes without worrying how I feel or what people think of me. If only it was that easy. But I know I'll never be skinny enough.

Trapped Inside My Mind

An extremely short story about a girl who wishes for help but is too afraid to ask for it *Trigger Warning*

His Skin (Trigger Warning)

"I didn't want to die. I just wanted to hurt," Jonah's voice trembled as he lowered his forehead against my chest. *** Suicide. What could push a person to suicide? This was something Milo had never experienced before. She wasn't the happiest kid in school but she wasn't the...

Eating Disorders. A informational report.

Trigger Warning! This is all about Eds. If you think you may have one, please read. I own no pictures.

Bones *Completed*

“Butterfly collarbones, waiting to be set free. A stack of ribs, count them, one, two, three...a ribcage corset, bones begging to be laced tighter, tighter, tighter. Shoulder blades like wings, ready to carry you away. Hips that jut out and a belly that curves in, thighs that have a gap bigger than ...

Dying for Skinny

*MAY BE TRIGGERING TO FORMER ANOREXICS/BULIMICS* Ana and Mia, like most girls, dream of being thin. They wish for thigh gaps, hip bones, and size zero waists. In the midst of their weight loss journeys both girls develop eating disorders. Ana develops anorexia while Mia develops bulimia. Both girls ...

The Thigh Gap Experiment

Feet together, thighs apart Empty stomach, heavy heart Stomach growling, time to purge Eating, no longer an urge Healthy girl, now sick and frail Her heart is set up to fail Ana and Mia tear her apart Once you're in it's too late to restart. *Trigger Warning! Some details maybe graphic or tr...

Skinny Love

"Kat? We need to talk." "About what?" "Are you anorexic?"


"Bella," he whimpered. She turned around, seeing him standing in the door way. Her throat went dry, her knees became weak. His eyes trailed her body, confused, shocked. There they both were ,standing in the bathroom, staring at each other. She felt tears brim in her eyes, not wanting him to ...

Feet Together Thighs Apart

Annabelle Swanson, is extremely overweight. She has no friends and her parents don't understand her at all. She's been severely bullied and feels as if there's no where to turn. She seems to dread every moment of her life and hates school with a burning passion. One day at school, she ...

The Princess and The Frog

This is a short story. It's about a girl who wants to fit in. It's quite interesting in my opinion. Check it out?

An Anorexic Story [Editing]

"Jack stop." I said,"I'm fat. Not skinny. Are you blind or something?" Then, I started running.


She stood up, slowly. She flushed the food down, and sighed to herself returning the lids to the several opened laxatives that lay beside her on the counter. It's time and she knows it. She dreads...


Mandi is a little larger than everybody else and she wants to be something she's never been; skinny. But what happens when she goes too far?


Unloved? Depressed? Cutting? Anorexic? Read this. It is all true, every word.

The Start of Eating Disorders

A generalized story to raise awareness for eating disorders including, but not limited to, anorexia nervosa and bulimia. It follows a typical teenage girl who, along with dealing with depression, is influenced by outside sources and who constantly compares herself to peers who naturally have smaller...
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