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Torn Apart

Melody Elizabeth Hales, a beautiful girl with such a promising future. She had a great musical career waiting for her after she graduated high school and was nearly guaranteed the head cheerleader position next year. In the blink of an eye, Melody is an amputee, losing not only her arm, but control ...

Dont Kill The Innocent *FINISHED!*

Nicole was an only child. Her parents were abusive and she had no friends. The only people she knew were her family, and she hardly knew them all. She was only bullied by her parents, which was enough to make her life miserable. The only reason she didnt know anyone is because her parents were afrai...
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Breaking The Rules

She was bullied at her old school, all because she broke up with the jock. She became the lonely, mute girl. He was the schools player, dating girls for a day then throwing them away. She was sent to an All Girls Boarding school; He was sent to an All boys academy. He's starting to change, reali...

The Quarter Backs Abused little Princess(Finished)

16 year old Riley Krystal Jasons looks like a normal teenage girl, blonde, blue eyes, goes to high school,gets good grades,and wants to go to NYU, but what most people don't know is that she is constently living with the struggle of her and her older brother being beaten by her father and mother...

Who I Became..

Why did I change everything about myself you ask? One word: Bullying.

Smile Until You Mean It

Lauren has started junior high school, and things are off to a rough start. The bulling and meanness she experienced in sixth grade has followed her. She has trouble fitting in, the boys barely notice her, and her best friend at lunch is a book. Despite it all, Lauren still has hope for friendship a...

The Boy with the Camera

A girl who has a liking to art is being bullied and abused at her school. Without a single friend, she likes to spend time in the school park drawing in her sketchbook. But one time she meets an boy she has never seen before. He introduced his friends to her who fast became hers. But they do not kno...

Prankster (bart simpson love)

Polly moves to spingfield to get bullied by the kids. lisa is her only friend but lisa gets bart to stand up to the bullys but does this turn into love?

Cyber bullied *Finished*

It has come to my attention that bulling is a problem. So this story is going to show what bullies do to others. Cyberbulling is one of them, so this is what the story is about.

Bullied for Love... Boyxboy

This is my first gay story , so dont hate pleasee. Dont read if your homophobic , any negative gay comments will be deleted. I feel strongly for gays and this story is about how difficult it is for some to go about in their daily lives.

Bad Habits Never Die

Scarlet was bullied, beaten, and bruised but still held her head high. She had to...for the most important person in her life. But one day she finds herself doing the unthinkable...Falling. In. Love.~

Learning To Love Again (FINISHED)

Zach has loved Brianna for as long as she can remember, but she just can't love him back since all of her past relationships ended in heartbreak and devistation. Which is why Zach decides to teach her how to love again. (Finished On 2/24/13)

New neighbour, Old Bully

Andy's 15 and lives in Manchester with her dad, her life is pretty basic and boring until the new neighbour arrives. What will happen when she comes face to face with him and the memories come flooding back? Will she be able to cope?

Saving Christina

Christina, or Chrisa, Matthews hasn't ever had the perfect or ideal life. Her parents died when she was 7 and then she was sent to live with her grandma, who then died when Christina was 9. She bounced around from one relative to another until at age 13 her uncle took her in. That's when her...

The Bully and The Loner *ON HOLD*

Her name? Alexandria. She's the loner. Mathew is her bully. What happens when he figures out just how broken she is?

Bullied to Beautiful

"I just need to change then they'll like me" I say to them, in which they return with furrowed eye brows. "I'll deliberately get answers wrong maybe not hand homework in on time, change my style of clothes and join the cheer team" I say. "Your not changing for them" B...

Therian Awakened

Kayla was always bullied, for just about everything, her weight, her voice, and of course, for how different she was than other people. As she progresses through high school though, she finds out why she is different, and that there are others like her who have their inner animals reign free.


( this is just a short story I had to write for class)

I'm Sorry

*I read a lot these and I decided to do one* Harriet is and fifteen year old girl with a secert. Well two. She gets bullied at school and abused at home. Could that all change whin a child protection agent moves in?

13 & Pregnant

This is my story on how I got pregnant to a baby boy named Diego Jr Nava. On January 24, 2011
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