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Oh Brother

Autumn keeps pushing Christian away. Even though he's her new step-brother, she hates him. Despises him the second she laid eyes on him, thinking he and his father are the reasons why her mom doesn't pay any attention to her anymore. But slowly, feelings change and Autumn's world is thro...

Don't Ever Change

The year is 1856. The United States has been torn in two as war was just over the horizon. History always paints this time as The North vs. The South, but in reality it was far more complicated. Follow Celia Adney, an extremest abolitionist who shoots first and is willing to kill every slave owner s...
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Just a Maid

Alanna is the new maid for the bratty daughter of the landlord of Vienna. She hates her job and feels like her life is going nowhere because she's just a maid. Meeting the daughter's incredibly attractive boyfriend quickly changes that point of view though. Alanna soon realizes being a maid ...

I'm An Insecure Mess

We all know that one girl, who hangs out with all sorts of people & laughs & makes jokes, but do you really know what goes on behind closed doors? Or what's happened before all the smiles & laughter?

The Baby Project

Janelle is the least popular kid in school. Dylan is the most popular kid in school and is also the jock/bully of the school. Janelle and Dylan are paired up for the baby project and things head out for the worst. Will things change between them?

The Undiscovered

Guidance for paranormal troubles, observation practice, words of hope, possibly brutal honesty, and something a little darker all rolled into one.

Once A Player

Justin Brooks is the schools biggest player. Lilli King is the schools lonely girl with no friends. What happens when their families go on a vacation together for the whole summer? Will love spark or will it be her worst nightmare?

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What Have I Become?

A middle school girl wants to change for a special person that she really likes. She thinks that if she changes, then the guy she has a crush on will like her. Once the guy notices her, other guys start liking the same girl for changing. But once people start to notice her more, they are wondering i...

Dangerously Enticing

He was bad. Everyone knew that. He beat me everyday. He called me a nerd, told me I'm worthless, and even started nasty rumors about me. When I finally couldn't take it anymore, I decided to change. Even then, he kept beating me. To everyone else, he looked like the typical bad boy but to me...

Didn't Want to Fall in Love

Isabelle Rosenberg does not believe in love. And she is content. Whenever a man starts to show interest, she does her best to remove herself from the situation, effectively avoiding disaster. But then she meets Zachariah Gomez. He's sweet, he loves to do what most girls could only dream of from ...

To Become A Lady

Charlotte looked around the school seeing what society expected to be ‘perfect’ people. “I’m never going to be as good as these guys..” She sighs, talking to herself.

A Little Kid's Nightmare

Short Story -“I’m only almost three and a half, I shouldn't worry.” But so little did poor Nicky knew.

Change is Good ...Sometimes.

Tarella Michael is the lonely new girl. She get picked on everyday. One day, Andrew Siemens stand up for her and turn her world upside down.

Dally's Sister

I turned over on my bed to face him. "Soda?" i whispered. "Are you in love with Sandy?" i asked. "Yeah..." he said in a tired voice. I propped myself up on my elbow. "What's it like?" i asked. I heard him take a breath, and i could almost feel his smile although h...

S(he) Be(lie)ve(d)

London Chandler was a nerd. A geek. A freak. Or in Connor Andrews' book, a loser. Life is cruel, and being picked on by Mr. Cute & Popular was the worst thing that could happen in high school. Now insert Jace Harris. The nice, quiet, not to mention incredibly hot guy. Also known as Connor...

This Year Will Be Different

The only way to know what this story is about is to read :3

Surviving Normal-Being A Junior in the Middle of Nowhere Central

Lisi is your regular teenage girl just trying to get good grades, get into a good college, and enjoy herself along the way. Except she's not so regular--having grown up in a mostly transient family she has a know-it-all clingy mother with the maturity of a teenage prom queen, a genius older sist...

Bullied to Beautiful

"I just need to change then they'll like me" I say to them, in which they return with furrowed eye brows. "I'll deliberately get answers wrong maybe not hand homework in on time, change my style of clothes and join the cheer team" I say. "Your not changing for them" B...


My name is Adam, I just moved to Dallas when I was a freshmen, where I became the star of the football team. All the girls want to be with me, while all the boys want to be me. However at the beginning of my senior year, a rumor started going around saying I'm transgender and I don't know if...
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