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Is This Love? Or Hate? *FINISHED*

"My love? He's a monster!" "He's been getting better, you know. He loves you." "He loves me? He loves me? If he loved me, he wouldn't have almost killed me! If he loved me, he would've believed me when I said I didn't want Dylan! If he loved me, he'd be h...

Forever yours FINISHED

Ian and Oliva was high school sweethearts. Their lives was practically all planned out; graduate high school, enroll to the same university in the fall and somewhere in the future – get married. They loved each other like if they were soulmates. ~*~ One faithful turn of events changed all of that an...
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Dark Charm. - Finished -

He leaned closer to me and I could see the chloroform-soaked cloth in his hand. “You can’t hold your breath forever, babe.” He whispered, his husky voice near my ear. I felt as if I was having a bad dream. A really bad dream. I held my breath for a few more seconds, but then my last reserve of oxyge...

Dangerous Temptations ~Finished~

He's the type of boy your daddy always warned you about...

Under the Willow Trees (Finished)

“Liam… why do you care?! A month ago, you didn’t even know I existed!” I yelled, standing up. He stood with me. “Yes I did! Peony Walker, I have been in love with you since I first saw you in kindergarten!” I stepped back, his yelling startling me. “You’re so oblivious. Everyone is. Val knew the fir...

Everything I Asked For

Jayden Muhrie is a 16 year old girl. A deceased mother and an abusive father have caused this young girl to be a mute for years. Alone, depressed, and causing self-mutilation, she's ready to give up. Until she meets 16 year old Asher, a young boy, kind and happy at heart.

Friend Zone *boyxboy and girlxgirl*Finished!

Have you ever wondered why people can't just be friends without dragging romance into it? I always wonder this. My friends are just about all dating , dragging dating problems into it. What ever happened to the friend zone? Boyxboy, girlxgirl, and boyxgirl involved,

Crazy love*FINISHED*

Sofia Williams, lives, sleeps and breathes dirt biking. Like her dad and twin brother. Her all time crush, Luca Anderson, happens to be her brothers all time best friend. He knew who she was, she just wouldn't even think that he could possibly have the same feelings for her. But what happens whe...

The Quarter Backs Abused little Princess(Finished)

16 year old Riley Krystal Jasons looks like a normal teenage girl, blonde, blue eyes, goes to high school,gets good grades,and wants to go to NYU, but what most people don't know is that she is constently living with the struggle of her and her older brother being beaten by her father and mother...

I Thought I'd Never Fall In Love... *Finished*

Little Ariella has a bully. And what would happen when they both find out they have to get married ? Read on... you wont regret it. ;)

When Daddy comes home *FINISHED*

Arabella is Twelve years old, her mother had died when she was ten, and left her alone in cruel dark world with her Dad. Her father the one who she loved and grew up with starts taking his anger out on her... until one night.

Unlovable (Finished)

"But WHY, why do you love me? Im so...unlovable" I whispered. "Because to me, you're perfect"

Completely Oblivious *Finished*

"What is your problem?" I yelled after him, he stopped turned around looking angry and hurt "WHAT? What's my problem? You have got to be kidding me?" I looked at him completely confused "My problem is you! You are my problem" "what did I do?" “EVERYTHING! Everythi...

Confessions Of A Player|Finished|

Love is just a lying game so don't blame it, blame the player. Jessica is just an innocent oblivious 14 year old girl that just wants to do everything perfectly. All Ctevan wants is to have a little fun with the perfection. But nothing can go wrong with a little confessing, right? |Finished| 1.2...

Gang Love ~finished~

Kyle is kidnapped by a gang. when he wakes up in a strange room he meets the gang and they tell him. theyre all gay! then as his life falls apart things go from bad to worse.READ TO FIND OUT WHAT HAPPENS!

They've Got It All Wrong

Amelia Vontroe isn't exactly what you'd call normal. She see's people that no one else does, and can interact with them. She was sent to a 'therapy center' to help her regain mental stability. What happens when she just can't take it any longer?

ღThє βαd βoγ'ς Mγ яoomατε!ღ |Finished|

"Tristan get off of me" I shouted. "No barked Tristan." He had me pinned up against the wall. "Please let me go I pleaded." I watched him smirk at me. I wanted to smack that smirk off his face right about now. "Arrianna" whispered Tristan. "Leave me alone" I h...

The First Kiss(Finished)

"You were my first you know" Dylan said making me jump and wonder why he was talking to me, "First what?" For a moment he said nothing. "Kiss, you were my first kiss."

An Unexpected Romance [Finished]

Essa is the daughter of a maid for a very rich family. Bobby is the rich son who has always looked down on her. When Bobby comes home from school for the summer, he finds both of them have changed.

Everyone has their secret, you just happen to be mine *Finished*

Cassy is one of the 'popular' girls, but not by choice. She's forced to go along with everyone else or she'd be shunned. So, she does whatever it takes to make everyone happy. To fit in. What happens when her friends pick on a lonely emo boy at school? What will happen when she falls...
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