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Forever yours FINISHED

Ian and Oliva was high school sweethearts. Their lives was practically all planned out; graduate high school, enroll to the same university in the fall and somewhere in the future – get married. They loved each other like if they were soulmates. ~*~ One faithful turn of events changed all of that an...

We Can't Fake Us Forever

He raised an eyebrow and smirked. "Oh, I'm not in love with you. You're the one in love with me. Angel, just accept it. I'm so sorry I couldn't have done the fake relationship with you," he sarcastically said. I continued to fix his hair. "To be in love with someone lik...
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Forever Yours

'Are you crazy?!' I hissed, my face heating up more and more. He chuckled and leaned down to me, my body becoming stiff as his nose was barely inches from mine. His deep blue-green eyes were like pools of water, and his breath smelt of fresh mint. A loose strand of his perfectly gelled hair...


Mae has nothing special about her, she has spent the past years if her life being afraid of getting close to people. Not many people have broken her walls so she didn't expect to fall for the new guy with a charming personality and a past he doesn't like to talk about. As they build a trusti...

A Decade and Forever [yandere!m x f!reader]

For you, my love. I have been reminiscing about the last decade of us together. It was memorable. I will never forget you. My alpha and my omega - my first and my last. Mine forever.

Everyone has their secret, you just happen to be mine *Finished*

Cassy is one of the 'popular' girls, but not by choice. She's forced to go along with everyone else or she'd be shunned. So, she does whatever it takes to make everyone happy. To fit in. What happens when her friends pick on a lonely emo boy at school? What will happen when she falls...

The Promise

Hey Guys.....My name is Ember Brown. I really love capturing moments.(Lets see what happens when I meet this guy and he dosen't stop following me....)

A Little Kid's Nightmare

Short Story -“I’m only almost three and a half, I shouldn't worry.” But so little did poor Nicky knew.

The Lie That Killed.

She loves him with all her heart. He's only pretending. ~finished~

My Secret Admirer ~Finished~

Veronica gets a note in her locker on one random school day.. is it the beginning of her fairy tale ?

The Up All Nighterz Forever: My Story

I'm in a band with ღℓìηdƨay Mαℓìκღ, Anastasia Maren, and Lexi Mata! This is just a story about us! PLEASE read, and follow me! :) Thank youu! :) Love youu♥

In Pieces

Chester is lost. He feels like there is no way out. He comes home only to find his apartment empty. No Mike. And it was all Chester's fault. Its just to much to take. He finds a way out, but he can never go back.

Best friends... Forever *BXB Story*

I look over at him, my breath catches in my throat, I love him. But he's my best friend... and straight

Forever and Always- Book Three

"I-I'm pregnant.." I whispered, shakily. I'm not sure how he's going to react. I slowly looked up to see a smile plastered on his face. He instantly ran over to me and pulled me into a hug. My nerves began to die down and I smiled as he put me down. "Are you mad?" "Ba...

Kisses for the Damned

Roman and Kennedy fell in love. But now she's gone and all Roman has left is the book; The book that tells the tragic and romantic story of their life together.

What Happened to Forever?

Sydney's an average girl. She dreams of marrying THE one and living a happy life in California. But for now she's stuck with her famiily and school. She's sweet, considerate, shy, and has a bit of an angry, jealous side. She has many friends including the star football player. When they ...

The story of us

Autumn and Robert met in the first grade. All it took was one look and they were best friends. Inseparable. Everybody said they'd be more if they weren't already. Now flash forward 6 years and you'll see everyone who said that they'd be together with wide eyes, hands over their mouth...

Forever Alone

He was the loner, the emo freak, the loser, no body loved him, he was always alone, even when surrounded by people. No one ever understood him. She was the most popular girl at school, the cheerleading captain, the person everyone lived and wanted to be with. But this has a twist in it. It wont be a...

I Hope Our Love Falls Forever - A Colby Brock Imagine

Madi lives with the Famous Pair, Sam and Colby, after her Parents kick her out. What happens when she doesn't ever want to leave? (Multiple Plot Holes I know, I know)
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