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"Okay why won't it stay up?!". Deshauna exclaimed in frustration. "You should have braided it". Jamaica shrugged as she tied the lace of her black sneakers. "I can't si...

Don't Ever Change

The year is 1856. The United States has been torn in two as war was just over the horizon. History always paints this time as The North vs. The South, but in reality it was far more complicated. Follow Celia Adney, an extremest abolitionist who shoots first and is willing to kill every slave owner s...
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A Broomie Witches Survival Guide to Not Screwing Up!

This is a baby witch AND broom closet witch survival guide to all the wonders of magick. I'll help steer you in the right direction as we take this journey together

Chinese Culture Guide for Xianxia/Wuxia Fic Writers

made this because i actually feel sickened when i see whats out there in this dark world... anytime someone appropriates Chinese culture and brushes their ignorance off with the excuse of 'not having access to research' SEND THEM THE LINK TO THIS GUIDE YES notes: - yes i am full Chinese - ye...

The beauty of Islam

Many people judge Islam without actually knowing the truth, you believe what the TV, Newspaper's say but when it comes to the truth you won't believe it! Why believe a lie and not the truth?

A Voice in a Dream ~Troy~

Sing to me, like the lights didn't blind you, like you blinded me. When I heard your voice in a dream. COMPLETED

The Unknown Beauty

What if Anne Boleyn had a twenty year old sister, Constantina Boleyn who have stayed in France throughout the scheme? Would the history books be different if she came to England with her family?

List of All Genders and What They Are (A Work In Progress)

This is a list of all the fake feminist genders. Plus I did it for the memes lol. #memes #didyoujustassumemygender? #nazifeminism #genderequalityforattackhelicopters

We Will Never Forget: My Tribute to 9/11

This is my tribute to the terrible tragedy that occurred on September 11th, 2001.

A Critical Essay of "In His Steps" by Charles Sheldon

I wrote this essay for school, but I thought I might as well post it and see if any one besides my teacher enjoys it. It is in the same format in which I presented it to my teacher. Please let me know what you think!

18 Miles East

A group of soldiers with a bunch of prisoners set out for an extraction along the Nazi German border. It is the tale of how they lost each other in the crossfire serving the motherland, protecting their friends, celebrating victory but at a deadly cost.

Something different about that man

14 year old Lillian always knew she was different from other girls she never liked dolls or wearing dresses. She played football with the boys during school but most of all she never felt like a girl, she was really a he.

Cat's Don't Have A Collarbone!

Weird Things Explained. Facts like: Why Do We Kiss? Or What ARE those floating things you can sometimes see? Why do we dream? Why do we get embarrassed? Why does appearance matter so much? What is Deja Vu?

Hitler's Daughter

The bombs were falling, the smoke was rising from concentration camps, but Hitler's daughter knew nothing of this. All she knew was the world of lessons with Fraulein Gelber, the hedgehogs she rescued from the cold and the exciting visits from her beloved father Duffi. Until one day she is taken...

Prisoner B-3087

This a book in the outside world that needs to be shared in digital devices so people can read. this is by Alan Gratz .

Under The Oak Tree

When Essence Elliot meetes William Thompson, they instantly become friends. She is to be married to John Johansen, her best friend. William falls in love with her, and she falls in love with him. What she doesn't know is that John has loved her since they first met. - Story takes place in the la...

Journal of a teenage girl

Everything I have written in here--everything--is 150% true. Through all my thoughts, bullying experiences, school, rants, & whatever runs through my life and mind is in here.

Blue Skies

Claire was a girl given to a boarding school for young girls. She lives there for ten years and works there for two. At age fifteen, she goes to work as a maid at a country estate in London. There she meets the master of the house and his two sisters.Belle and Bea, the sisters, take a disliking to h...

The Story of the Headless Horseman

Some may say he was fake but i've always thought he was Real & i still do

Before You Write

Just some subjects and topics that I think everyone should be aware of before they decide to post stories about them.
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