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One Less Hopeless Heart

"They all said to stay away. Because you're no good. You'll change me. You'll destroy me. You'll cause my heart to stop beating. But damn, what they said wasn't what they meant at all. They meant I should just hold your hand. They meant you're perfect. You'd renew me ...

My script because i'm going to Hogwarts :)

A cringe script for you all because i am gonna shift to Hogwarts :)
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Shifting Realities Tips

This is just me talking about shifting and giving tips I have learned and figured out. I’ll also say stuff about different shifting methods.

Warped Reality (Yandere x Fem! Reader)

You met him at the age of 2, he was 8 years old at that time. Back then, he used to play with you everyday, your own brother might leave you alone to play with his friends, but he never did. When your family decided to return to your hometown after staying in the town for 4 years, his adoration towa...

Utopia and Reality

梦在黑夜里埋葬懦弱,有人哭了。醒时,惊觉落寞。 //现实向

The Reality Of Gender Roles In Islam

Aoa! Hey everyone. So I finally found something new, like really new this time to write since I was given an opportunity. This probably won't get a lot of reads and may even get some hate comments but this is entirely based on facts, I have even mentioned the sources and please read this with an...

DR Shifting

DR (Desired Reality) Shifting. It’s a real thing and it’s amazing. Well, I’ve never done it before, but I just know it’ll be amazing. I mean seriously, being able to go to whatever world and reality you want seems pretty amazing, doesn’t it? Well anyways, here’s everything about DR shifting and my e...

My Reality Shifting Journey c:

Welcome to the wonderful world of reality shifting, where you legit ditch this reality for a better one.

Tell Me a Lie

Scarlett Rose doesn't know what to make out of life. All she knows for now is that she wants out. Out from her abusive parents. Out from the stress of being a teenager. She won't admit that she's depressed, and insists that she's just being realistic. She just knows life is cruel and...

Wanderlust (B+B)

He just turned to someone that he said he never wanna be----- *guyxguy**boyxboy**contains abused and unsafe contents**you have been warned*


What happens when you get addicted to online chats? Can you trust online people? This is a story about a girl whose life changes because of a game. [Story in progess]

Social Life

When a teenage girl who's entire existence revolves around her phone is left with out it. This is just a short story that is definitely a work in progress but somehow won me my first writing contest! It just goes to show you that an artists biggest critique is themselves and that everyone starts...

The Teacher's Corner

A blog like writing where I share with you all about my teaching experience!

Love Island

Katari, or Ari, Wesley is a small musician. When she’s selected to go onto the reality TV show ‘Love Island’, her world flips upside down. On ‘Love Island’, five celebrity girls and five celebrity boys all are sent to an island. They’re alone. But every week, the audience votes out the person they t...

We Fell Harder Than The Rain...

My name is Katy. Kay-tee. Understood? Great. I've just moved to this cliche rich-kid town and it's awful. Almost as interesting as the guys trying me...what if I fall for one of them?

A Hidden Love

Miranda is an insecure shy teenage girl. She's dating Shane, her boyfriend of 2 years, who abuses her whenever under the influence of alcohol.. Even though she has a boyfriend, her heart really belongs to Trey, her best friend since she was 9 years old. What will happen when she realizes her tru...

Used, Abused and Broken

Destiny is a normal girl who lives with her dad but her dad is an alcoholic and is abusive, what happened's when her worst enemy finds out, will he help her or will he let her fall. NOT SUITABLE FOR SOME... THIS STORY IS VERY SAD AND UPSETTING IN PLACES... please no hate

My Teacher Is My Brother.

Skye Jones, is 13 years old. She is a runaway, from her sisters abusive boyfriend. When her teacher takes her in, and cares for her. They soon find out a shocking discovery...
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