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The Bad Influence

Autumn Lawson had always been a bad influence. An outcast in her own family, Autumn never really had a place to belong. So, she did what she did the best - smoke away her life. Until, she meets Evie - a little girl who unexpectedly enters her life. Enter Callan Moore, the boyfriend that everyone w...

Wait for me (first story)

A shy girl and a popular guy meet at the first year of high school. Two love forces joining, but broken by the bad timing and the fact that he needs to move away due to his mother's job sends Sydney Kimbrough feel hopeless and neglected. Six months later she plans to visit him on the other side ...
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His Best Friend

"Now you want me? Now that someone sees me as more than a friend, you think you have feelings for me?" "Its not-" "I'm not your second choice" Dylan & Brielle. Best friends forever. Yin & yang. Never once thinking about anything more. Until someone new shows up &a...

My Foolish Ways

I was a fool. When I agreed to share an apartment with my older brother, Justin, I knew he would throw parties or skip rent. I over looked one thing. I was a lonely girl in a small space full of boys. Throw in my mysterious step brother, my brother's best friend, a few bets, and a whole lot of s...

I Thought It Was Love...

Lavender finds the perfect man; he cares for her, makes her smile, and is fiercely loyal to her. At least in the beginning he does...But soon he starts to get jealous and too protective...

Alternative Family

This story is about an alternative family structure which involves gay, straight and polyamorous discipline relationships.

Opposites Attract (BxB)

Conner the star quarterback for his high school becomes interested in the mysteriousness of the new kid in school. Conner has always lived a perfect life and now he no longer finds satisfaction in his almost scripted like lifestyle. Conner now looks for excitement in his growing interest for the new...

The Mischief King

The Mischief King. Lord of Trickery. Emperor of Pranks, Hijinks, and Practical Jokes. He's been playing games with Bellview College for three years now, and no one knows his name. But when year 4 of his pranks rolls around, the hunt is on to discover just who the Mischief King really is.

Forget The Distance

Long distance relationships can be tough. There are plenty of reasons why they happen, and it can be quite difficult to keep that relationship with hundreds or possibly thousands of miles separating the couple. But, if the love is strong enough, it will work out, and once that couple can finally be ...

Sixteen, and Pregnant. Woah.

If I were to tell you I was a normal teenager, I'd be... telling you the truth, I am normal I guess, and I am a teenager, who also happens to be a mother.


Dani Akiyama has never been social. Ever since she could remember she liked to keep to herself but her speech disorder has been the rising cause of constant bullying among her peers. And upon entering secondary school the bullying against Dani worsens. And it all could be blamed on one person. Seij...

Unlike Any Other

“Favorite food?” “Quesadillas.” “Ew,” he made a face. “Favorite pass time?” She asked. “Football?” He spoke, more of a question. “I don’t know. My brother and sister, I guess. . . Girls.” He paused for a moment before continuing, "You?” He asked. “Reading.” She answered. “Boring.” “You’re bor...

The Day I Saw September (BXB)

Quinn never thought his problems from high school would follow him into university, but then again, he never thought he would break up with Elijah— the ever-so-handsome star of the campus football team. When a new kid moves into his dorm, everything changes. Soon, Quinn finds himself entangled in a ...

Don't speak *finished*

"Don't speak," I whispered running my thumb along his lips. He leaned his forehead against mine and kissed my nose. "What if all I can say is I love you?" Copyright 2012 ©

Is Distance Really Just a Number?

When Eliza (Ellie) is sent off to America to attend a boarding school by her parents -hoping to see a rise in her grades- what will happen to her relationship with Jared? Can they keep the love they once had? Or will a new boy find his way into Ellie's heart?

Seductive Betrayal

After a fluke encounter with a beautiful stranger, Cassie Forth's life is about to be flipped upside down but for better or for worse?

Teenage Wonderland

The life of living with my friends. We all moved into one huge house together. There is 7 of us living together. We are all teenagers. It is basically a nut house at this moment! We party, we hang out, we fight. We are totally irresponsible and there are no parents around to tell us what to do!

Under Wraps |BxB| ((ON HOLD))

"What about my sister, you're dating her" I breathed out, my back against the wall and our chests pressed together. "She doesn't have to know" He whispered and pressed his lips to mine.

HIs Bestfriend

"You're such an ass D, sometimes I wonder why I even put up with you," I joked and punched my best friend Damon in the shoulder. "Well one, we've been best friends for 12 years, and two, I'm just too charming," he countered, casually throwing his arm over my shoulder, sen...

Just a bit Different

A girl, shes a bit different, but i like her just the way she is because who she wants to be, is who she really is.
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