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Seventeen year old Annika is pregnant. At first glance she seems well equipped. She's smart - but that also means a baby could get in the way of her much looked forward to college education. She has a sweet boyfriend, Isaiah, and a helpful family. But when she gets pregnant, her relationship wit...


"You. I knew it was you! You lying, dirty, pig-" He cut me off by crashing his lips onto mine and shoving me against a wall. He pulled away, leaving me breathless and speechless, and at that moment I only knew one thing. I wanted him.
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The Domino Effect

Eliza Baxter is a normal preteen girl. Despite the fact that her parents are always working so she barely sees them. She has very supportive friends that are there for Eliza when she needs them. But when a shocker to reality comes, it puts her whole life into perspective. Will she be able to break t...

The Grimoire of a Teenage Witch

Volume 1 of A Teenage Witch’s Grimoire Just a digital grimoire for those interested in witchcraft! Spells and articles come from these sources: bit.ly/2N1AmLp & bit.ly/2YUI0tm Don't be hateful towards me for having this grimoire! I’ll try to update the grimoire as much as I can, darlings :...

Torn Apart

Melody Elizabeth Hales, a beautiful girl with such a promising future. She had a great musical career waiting for her after she graduated high school and was nearly guaranteed the head cheerleader position next year. In the blink of an eye, Melody is an amputee, losing not only her arm, but control ...

I 'Maid' A Boyfriend (BoyXBoy)

Rich boy Jacob always gets what he wants, so what happens when he wants Tyler? Tyler really needs to find a job, so Jacob gives him one...as his personal maid. P.s. This is my first attempt at a Boyxboy story.

Reach For The Stars

"The teenage life in the spotlight had to be one of the hardest ways to live by far. Even though everyone knows that, they still want to live it. It sounds like the dream life, or even better, the teenage dream. The only thing left to do is reach for the stars."

Rebel. [Done]

He's the school player. She's the school rebel. Both stubborn and cocky. Let their game of L.O.V.E begin.

Attracted to my friend

Dylan and I promised not to break apart but one day he left without explanation or reason...but he came back to me and he looked so different than before... what were these feelings and why was I having them for Dylan?

Bad Boy, Good Lips

"Just give in already," he whispers into my neck. "I'm not that easy," I reply. "That's what they all say," he says smirking as he grabs my wrist and pulls me back towards him, placing both hands on either side of my head.

Frost's Heart

While at the annual Winnipeg Hockey Charity Gala, Avery Frost might have just met the boy of her dreams. He was handsome, funny, charming, sweet, everything... the only problem being that Avery didn't catch his name. Suddenly, weeks later, after Avery finally had her life together and had final...

My Imaginary Boyfriend

Jacob Stone is the walking definition of perfect. He has brown hair and chocolate brown seductive eyes that can get any girl to melt on the spot. He also has mouthwatering muscles and plays all kinds of sports. He is 6'2. He isn't just good at sports, he is a magnificent dancer, singer, acto...

Confessions of a Teenage Girl

This is all completely true. There's life. There's being a teenager. There's hormones. ... And then there's me, thrown into the middle of it.

Skinny Love

"Kat? We need to talk." "About what?" "Are you anorexic?"

She's Not Afraid

Elowyn Marlowë Brinton is unlike every other girl that you’ve ever met. Her beauty is not exaggerated or obvious but it’s breathtaking and heart-stopping. Her brilliance and talent are unfathomable, yet she doesn’t live a perfect life like she leads most to believe. Her seemingly impenetrable façade...


"Bella," he whimpered. She turned around, seeing him standing in the door way. Her throat went dry, her knees became weak. His eyes trailed her body, confused, shocked. There they both were ,standing in the bathroom, staring at each other. She felt tears brim in her eyes, not wanting him to ...

Small Town Gossip

FIRST THINGS FIRST: I NEED A BETTER TITLE! ANY SUGGESTIONS WOULD BE WELL APPRECIATED! Sandra and Lexi are been friends and go to a small town high school. They both have a "gift" for reading people on the inside and out. Only they know about this "gift" and they use if for gossip, bu...

Rich girl_high school love

Allie meets her true love through many challenges...

Arranged, Not Chosen

Growing up royal is not as fun as it looks. Falling in love is ten times harder, especially when you are arranged to marry someone you can't stand.
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