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INTP Survival Guide (MBTI)

With my extensive internet researching and some real life experiences, I want to write up a guide for INTPs like me to make their lives run more smoothly. What I write may or may not be helpful for you but my intention is to try to help others. Remember that MBTI is just a theory so try not to rely ...

Reach For The Stars

"The teenage life in the spotlight had to be one of the hardest ways to live by far. Even though everyone knows that, they still want to live it. It sounds like the dream life, or even better, the teenage dream. The only thing left to do is reach for the stars."
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Psych Ward

A nonfiction story about my experience in a psych ward as an inpatient. All names including mine are changed for privacy reasons. >Emily Leene is a suicidal girl who gets admitted to a psych ward after a failed suicide attempt. She’s forced to relive trauma, and meet people, and even find her sou...

Someone's Recipe Book

I love cooking, I am not a professional chef or such. I just love to cook, so I hope you like some recipes my family makes and such :). It's just recipe stuff, I would try my best to get pictures of the stuff I make.

Dancing Grace

We were supposed to meet midnight at that bridge. He never came. "The world isn't ready for a black ballet dancer, sweetie." Grace Armstrong has just come out of a relationship, and she doesn't know what to do. She had poured all her heart and soul into him, and now he left her for d...

Change can hurt

I didn't get why people said they didn't like change. I loved it. Something new to get used to you know? I didn't understand how that freaked people out sometimes. I just thought they were joking around, or even just being dramatic. But, now I know that..change does hurt.

HOPE was all she had

The story of where my hope led me

Ivory Inn

Nate is pumped he is able to spend a weekend with the Creekview Junior High Band at the amusement park he's always dreamed of, AND stay at Ivory Inn, perhaps the fanciest, coolest hotel he's ever seen. Except 5 kids never make it out of that hotel, and Nate is one of them. His journal reveal...

wonton soup

The Mere, known to humans as mermaids, were considered mythical creatures for many long years. That is until Ms. Smith's employees found a Mere tangled in one of their fishing nets. The first Mere ever caught, to be kept a secret to the public, instead a private pet for her stepdaughter. Miliin...

Diary of a Random Person

My life. My thoughts. My pain. Read it if you want.

On My Own

With a passion for music and happiness, Margaret's life looks normal from an outsider. But all she knows is fear. Her emotions have been tampered with for years by her neglectful parents. But when a man from her past steps into view, perhaps he could be the father figure she had only seen in he...

Some Weird Diary Thing about an ace teen that maybe has anxiety who goes through things

A diary of my life since I didn't have one before. Swear words will probably be used in here since I'll also be using it as a vent book sorta

Do Not Label Me

Lucy is a seventeen-year-old who is entering year eleven at Salem High School in Oregon. She switched schools halfway through year nine due to her old school being the opposite if accesible. Now, why would her school need to be accessible you ask? Well, first off… ADA, and secondly, Lucy has Spastic...

Save Our Souls: S.O.S

There's something about the outside that society hasn't realized. The echoes of their voices, the meaning behind the truth, the kindness that are nothing but lies, the judgement and the views. The outside is filled with those that are impossible to vanish in a flick of a finger. The inside i...

The Mysterious Man of Water's Jive

Angelo Suzumiya, a self proclaimed Classic Rocker, starts a band. [Author's Note: This is my first non-one shot in a while, so be nice. Please give constructive criticism if you can.]

My Diary

This is my diary of what goes on everyday in my life. I will warn you its pretty boring. Updates will be every night, unless I say otherwise. Get ready to dive into my dead boring life, enter only if your bored or if you want to (Although if your already bored this will probably make you even border...

It's Definitely Not All Mary Poppins

Matthew Robinson's career as a teacher seemed to have stalled. After a stroke of luck, he finds himself in the employ as a nanny. The house is falling apart, the kids are weird, and his employer ready to criticize him at every turn, Matthew's very ready to jump ship. The longer he stays, how...

Kingdom of Quoerian

A band of teenagers created a kingdom out of an old treehouse in the middle of the woods that they used to use as kids. The Kingdom of Quoerian. They used this kingdom as an outlet since they were the only LGBTQIA+ people in their small town.

The Queen's Star

20 girls, 5 games, and 1 queen. It was the day before the Queen Games. Queen Eliza had passed away just about a week ago, and her staff and royal friends had wasted no time starting the Queen Game auditions. Unlike most of the world, Auroria was ruled by only queens. Girls 18-20 years old would pa...
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