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You have wings? (BxB)

*BOOK 1* (BxB) A seventeen-year-old boy discovers the world's biggest secret by accident. Or was it? Have you ever believed in destiny, fate or coincidence? Young Corey didn't until he was forced to witness the impossible truth. When an angel is discovered on earth, it is prominent that hi...

Bind Me To You

The story of a teenage girl, the contracting that promised her happiness, the price of signing it, and the dark-haired demon who held the key to it all. Avery Hughes is a 17-year-old girl who begins at a new school in a small town, quickly making enemies with the Queen B, Paige. After weeks of relen...
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The Good the Bad and the Unexpected

When Alex is disowned by his family, the last thing he imagines happening is getting abducted by the mafia. Through the kindness of an attractive stranger, Alex's life unfolds in a strange new way.

Bloodlust (The Blood Series #1)

Haley wakes up next to town's most feared teenage criminal without any memory of how she ended up there. She sneaks out in panic but it seems that her downright devilish suitor isn't done with her yet...

A Demons Love

"It all started, with a promise." Karina Amaris wants nothing more than normal life, however, that all changes one rainy night. Kidnapped by a demon and dragged to the pits of Hell itself, isn't all that fun it turns out. Especially when she learns she's nothing more than a sacrifice...

The Ice Magi

Everyone knows the tale of the ice magi. The sorceress who froze over the entire kingdom of Lacuna for the demon king. They say that she lives atop the tallest tower in a castle encased in ice, the old king's palace. They say that if you should kill her, the ice will melt and the sun will return...

Where My Demons Hide

'' W-Why would you-'' '' Parents. They abused me. Bastards. I enjoyed skinning them alive as much as I did ripping their eyeballs out of their skull and sticking them down their throats. First time I got blood on me, and I liked it.'' she stared at him, shocked. '...

Deadly Love [Seven Deadly Sins Otome Style]

Lia Porter didn't believe in sin- and that was her first mistake. (An otome style story involving the seven deadly sins. Choose your favorite or read them all!) What's your sin? Disclaimer: I do not own any of the pictures used. However, I do own the characters and plot.

World Of Stone

One accident can spark a great adventure. Portals are opening between the worlds and it’s gone unnoticed until now. Maysie, a deer-human hybrid, accidentally stumbled through a portal from his world to ours. Having been injured in his fall, he would have died if he wasn’t found by a human boy named ...

Damsel to Death

(various yandere/reader) If you cannot defy a deity's will, you will just have to kill it and rewrite the rules of this world yourself.

Abducted By Demons

"You're not human..So What the hell are you?"

To Walk With The Devil (Book One)

“What’s your name?” Shivers raced down Alexandra’s spine as the stranger let out an eerie chuckle, throwing his head back and running his free hand through his dark brown hair. “Call me Lucy.” She giggled when he first said it, explaining that Lucy was such a girly name, but he just let out anothe...

Sugar and Demons

(Yandere! Male x Reader) Love should be sweet, kind, warm and gentle. Unfortunately he thinks differently. Oh well, you don't mind right?

A Demons Possession

Not all princes are charming, at least not him. He was a monster, cold and ruthless, never showing his enemies any mercy. One rainy night, Leona Miris bumps into a mysterious individual who later drags her into the pits of hell, only to discover that she is nothing more than a sacrificial vessel. &#...

Privileged Pet

In a world ruled by Celestials, Demons and even Beasts, humans are raised as pets and the less pedigree ones as livestock. You are born as a pet rather than the latter, belonging to the Demon Queen Lilith.

A Demon's obsession

"Promise that you will never forget me..." Alisha made a promise seven years ago. One that would soon come back to haunt her. Dragged to the pits of Hell she is told her fate as a sacrificial vessel. However that single promise she made, would kill the lives of many.

to the demons that call out for me.

whisper sweet nothings, let the blood on your tongue coat the lies. (yandere x reader)

You're Just A Demon

"I am your loyal servant. Anything you request, shall be yours." He slowly and elegantly got down on one knee, his eyes refusing to leave the pink marble floors.

Grounded ~Book Four of Winged~

Trinity begins to get use to and bond with Zerachiel while Etheriel, Dominic, and Malachai work together to try to keep a war from breaking out between the Angel and Demon races and try to rescue Nathan from his imprisonment in Hell. ~All Rights Reserved~

A Pirates Life For Me

After another disagreement with her parents, Karelly runs away from the castle. Without any idea of what the outside world is really like- she is captured by a famous pirate crew and is forced in situations she was just never prepared for. Karelly should have been careful what she wishes for but wha...
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