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Aria and Kassie have been together for almost three years. They are even planning on getting married! But there's one problem: Aria hasn't told her parents that she's not straight. Nor has she told them that she has a girlfriend. Follow the two along on a very bumpy, but sweet journey of...

Falling For You

Auden is the girl magnet with his best friend Treyton in a close second. That's the way it's always been. The Auden meets Harley, the new kid, the nerd and despite what Treyton wants, Auden manages to get close to the new kid... and finds himself falling for him. But Treyton mistakes the ent...
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Locust a curious goddess is banished from her world for something she doesnt even remember, she is taken in by a sharp tongued human and is forced to adjust to this new world called earth as she figures out how to get back to her own world.

Letters To The One I Love

Love letters to the one I love, whom I cannot talk to as of now

Looks Are Deceiving

Being a 6'4" mute girl has its troubles. Being a 5'3" overconfident boy also has its troubles. Follow June Roncomb and Ellis Fayre throughout their problematic friendship together. (drawing credit goes to Triangle.)

You and I [ON HOLD]

"Of course I care about you, I only left because..." "Because what?" I asked with tears streaming down my face. "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!" He screamed... *Copyright,,, please do not write inspired versions of my work*

Love doesn't choose sides

The story of one of my OC characters called Lily Palpatine.


Life has its own way with everyone . Life consists of both ups and downs but we are adjusted to it as it is a part of our life cycle. Still, sometimes we just can't move on from what happens to us in the past. Similarly, it is the story of Emma and Trevor. They broke up 10 years ago and now stil...

Gold Digger

Malvolia isn't perfect. Her name speaks for itself; the spawn of ill intentions and a bad reputation. Her humane sentimentality has been tucked safely away for years, the pursuit of gold coins her only objective. That was, until an indifferent, sly, intelligent and all-round irritating young man...

I will guess your MBTI type

Are you tired of being confused about your MBTI type? Are you too lazy to do all the tedious research and want someone to do it for you for free? WELL GUESS WHAT? I WOULD BE HAPPY :D TO DO THAT FOR YOU. The more requests I get, the better. I will explain the rules in depth in chapter 0.


Sandstone (Sandy) is the son of Aqua-man. But then suddenly his parents disappear. Niora (Navy) wants to help save them too. I love romance so obviously I have it in this book

It all started with a dare

"Kiss Ella." Jake grins. "Excuse me?!" Seriously?! There are other girls in this room, you know.Oh, no. Oh, no. Oh, no. Great, just great. Damien starts walking towards me pushing away the girl he was in a make out session with and looked at my lip in hunger. ~♡~ Meet Elena Ella Garc...

Everlasting Love (Protected by the Boss Book 2)

Roisin's life is perfect, she just got engaged to Tony, the man she loves, she's rich and she's got a large circle of friends. Her whole world starts to crumble when Tony is shot and his life hangs in the balance. He's the only man Roisin has ever loved and she can't live without...

Clockwork Books

[BxB] Clockwork Books, the perfect place to go if you want a used book and a homemade muffin. For Nixon Daniels, it’s also the perfect place for a summer job working next to his best friend Lydia, the owner’s daughter. Life seems pretty simple for Nixon at the moment; go to work every day, avoid his...

The Bodyguard

A POV from a 17 year old girl with a father in the Mafia.

Pretty Girl Syndrome

"People always think that pretty girls are full of themselves and that ugly girls are sweethearts." MJ replied, pulling her arms into herself. "Well, that's quite an interesting take on society." "...Which one do you think I am?" --- MJ knew three rules to keep a girl'...


(various yandere/reader) Your father, the king, has already cannibalized the rest of your half-siblings. With the advent of your twentieth birthday, you are faced with three choices: death, marriage, or regicide.

The Difference Between You & I

***“That’s the difference between you and I, Hegedüs,” Coco Kardos spat, her finger jabbing Lazar Hegedüs’s chest as he towered over her menacingly. “You thirst for blood. For screams. For fear.” Defiantly holding her head high, she settled a hand on the pistol in her jeans’ pocket. “I don’t.” Lazar...

Deceitful Relationship

Twin sisters Emmaline and Emerson look exactly alike but are nothing like the same. Emmaline is cheer captain, president of the drama club and on the dance team at school. She’s a fashionista and likes to be in the spotlight, party and get drunk with her boyfriend Jason. Emerson likes to read, write...

Jar of Hearts

College should be the time in everyone's life where they move out, meet new people, and explore whole new adventures. Unfortunately, not everyone has the means to do that. Callie Forrester enters Westfield Community College with her best friend, ecstatic to go through this new adventure in her l...
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