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Here We Go Again

11/OC-Time Lady. The Doctor has regenerated, leaving the Hatter to take care of him as they crash into the garden of Amelia Pond, the little Scottish girl who's life doesn't make sense. How will the Hatter deal with a new Doctor? How will the Time Lords marriage effect Amy? And what about th...

Patient Zero

A creative writing piece I was asked to write, word limit was 1000 words. I hope you enjoy, please leave feedback!
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The mirror in the forest (doctor who)

A forest that has a mirror on the edge of space. Ten and martha travel to a jungle world which is not what it seams. They find a mirror that leads into another world but as martha goes through and it shuts behind her is she stuck in another world. Where evil fairy fly or there sonthing more evil beh...

Subject 0

In a place far away, there is a Lab in which unique species aged 4-18 get experimented on. Numbered by how dangerous they can be, a ton of them get killed. But what happens when a sick, but dangerous subject and a hard working scientist become friends? And what happens when the new janitor, determin...

Time Lady

My name is Meg, but my code name is Skyfall. I survived the time war and I have been saving the world since. This is the story of how I fell in love with the Doctor

That Big Blue Box.

I was normal... I thought I was normal. Truth is I've never been normal. What eighteen year old knows all patterns of the stars and got a degree in maths at the age of fifteen? I still don't know what's going on. "The answers lie in the Big Blue Box."

The Doctors hidden princess

I saw her there shivering and crying at the same time alone abandoned, like me...

The Aphrodite Project

Alice Turner gets constantly bullied because of her looks. Christian Schnider is a German doctor who came to London after his girlfriends death. Together they start the Aphrodite Project- a project to create the most beautiful human being.

Such A Little Pond

What if Amy and Rory could have kids. What if they did? A beautiful baby girl with Amy's looks and Rory's personality along with her own brains and creativeness. Being raised on the stories of the Doctor she is quite adventurous but there's something different about her but what is it?

Tic (sci-fi finished short story)

Time is slipping. Something went wrong. The man thrown past the speed of light isn't answering. He was suppose to reach the future. All they hear at the lab is static....

The Doctor's Sister

Ello i'm Nova. I'm the Doctors twin sister. (Starts at 11's regeneration, sorry if a lot of errors! I will try to update as soon as possible it will it will most likely be once every week or so)

The Game

A twisted doctor. A horrifying experiment. 8 victims. 12 days. One wicked game. Read find out more. (For now, I'm only doing the first chapter. I want to see what people think of it before I continue. Also, this is my first story.)

Doctor Who: "This where the story ends"

"when does the story end? well we dont know. That's why we have to keep hold of what we've got. we dont know how long we've got and when it's time it goes so fast in a blink of an eye its gone! So this is where the story ends"

Falling From Journey's End ~((Doctor Who Adventure Story))

Lily Smith. That's all I remember. Miss. Lillian James Smith. I fell for a long time, what seemed like ages, but in reality, most likely for not more than a second. And now I've landed in a big city. THE big city. All I keep seeing is that big, old blue box...

Hallucinogenic lipstick escape

Its about getting River out with just hallucinogenic lipstick psychic paper the doctor and a kiss. This story is from Eliza's point of view if you dont know who eliza is go to Life of the Doctor's unknown daughter

The Twelfth Doctor.

Hahaaaaahahahahahahaha i'm writing a story guys. aren't i amazing?

Doctor Who Story For The 50th Anniversary

A 50th Anniversary Special For The Best Sci-Fi series ever : Doctor Who

The Final Timelord (Doctor Who)

Jasmin Alec is your ordinary british folk. But when he is hit by a car something strange happens. His image turns. He is a brand new person. With a new look and personality. He travels through time and space to find the secret to his past.
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