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Soldier's Weakness

His lips turned up into a small grin at my imitation of him. "No, now I can fight someone like any other war without me having to hold back my power. Besides, who else has a titanium crest? Only Serria." "So the rumors are true," I whisper. "You can control all metals." "...


The crazy lady piled us all on a bus, telling us we were in danger. Fires raged everywhere and we could hear the explosions, so we did what normal kids would do. We jumped on the bus and got the hell out of there. Now what? Planning page on pinterest www.pinterest.com/marshar2010/survivors/ Please...
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Home in the Sky.

In a futuristic society where the world is covered in water, Naomi lives in a floating home powered by an unknown source of energy. Her father gets taken away because he had hacked into a site further explaining this confidential source. That was years ago, now the energy is losing power and the hom...

Pack Friend Scenarios - The Guys

1: Reader is a female 2: Has the main four boys, but no secondaries. If you guys think I should add the secondaries, tell me ^^

Apocalypse of Humanity

Humanity had always assumed the apocalypse would begin in western lands. Unexpectedly, it began in eastern lands, starting on the edges of Malaysia. With their parents absent, a group of teens venture to find their place in the world as well as survive. With this, their friendship is put to test. Wi...


Bree always thought that the zombie apocalypse was some made up crap. She thought it was impossible. But that was until now. Zombies seem to be taking over. And with no one to survive it with, Bree is convinced that she will die. Well, that was until she met heartthrob, Apollo, and his group of frie...

Alienated world

There has been an invasion of some weird beings, people start Disappearing. a couple of people escape this fate and are running from the beings, but in a world this messed up there is always a traitor and battle for survival, add love into the mix and it becomes even more messy.

This is me, and how I deal with my life and the people in it.

My name is Maddy, I live a life full of things that don't exist. This is not some story, this has all happened to me. Most of you will not take this seriously, but it's time some one knows how...

Friends & Allies

A girl goes rock climbing with her friend & they discover an injured juvenile dragon. Will the dragon eat them? Should they run? Or should they stay? What do they do? Read it, & you'll find out...

The Ripper

It acted as a hypnotizer to each and every human unable to withstand the temptation. And not one could.

My Supernatural Friend

I wrote this story off the top of my head and I hopes you like it. I'll get more chapters later and they can all be of different girls ^^

My friend from above

WARNING: sad sad story. only read if you are willing to cry

My best friend is a ghost

When a girl moves to a new town, she attends a school that has been haunted for many years. There are story's about the ghost that she doesn't believe until she see's for herself.

There's a Catch.

It was supposed to be a GOOD summer. But one event turns all the plans upside down and inside out. Can Leigha prove the suspect innocent, or is Diana going to be away, forever?

The Others: The Separation

(Not official summary) Streams of tears grew to rivers of blood throughout my short life. Anger and contempt turned to silence and strength. One harsh death turned to many violent, but uncompassionate and swift disappearances; the beautiful world broke into a dark and heart-wrenching cavern of hate....

Friends and Foes

I'm not the most popular girl at school but that's okay with me because I have my two best friends Daley and Harry.Daley and I have been friends for two years now and Harry and I have been fri...

When the Emotions are Not Your Own

These are the rantings and stories of a psychic empath, her best friend, her family, and her memories.

The Collaboration

Story characters inspired by some awesome Quotev friends! Isabella, Charlotte, and Rebecca are best friends. Carrie's the new girl, but soon becomes good friends with the trio. Their life was fine until -ZAP - They somehow turn up in a maze designed for half aliens. How did they get here? Who ar...

Make it Rain

Follow the life of Grace, the fourteen year old who lives in a crazy world of no rain.

Best Friends With A Super Villain

"Down on the ground." The men yelled as they stormed into my record store. They were the notorious villains of Summerfield. I watched as everyone except me fell to the ground. "Hell no. I am not getting on the ground." I smirk, walking over to them, looking right into the eyes of Cri...
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