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[ I don’t get to relive happy endings. I live the endings that go wrong ] - It's 2277 and the people of New Republic face many challenges: the growing pollution, sea levels, acid rain...serial killers don't even crack the top five hundred of most people's priorities. Unless you're Ay...

Last Night Was the End of the World

Last night, the world ran as normal. Fellossece Antosak had just got off at a security job at a party, and he's wondering what he's going to get for dinner. Fenobellei Antosak is asleep, dreaming of sheep having a coffee date. They are twins. They live on two sides of the same country, and t...
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Words Better Left Unwritten *on hold*

The Year: 2500. The Date: March 24th. Murder was the word written across every phone, screen, and paper you could find. But why? Because, the previous night, on March 23rd, that's exactly what happened.

The After Games

After you commit a crime, there are two options: you go to jail and serve your sentence, or if its bad enough, you go into the After Games. Banished from Eshanta, these criminals fall to an island where they have 144 hours to try and survive the longest.

Zackary Taylor Zombie Log

You read stories of people who are so prepared for something to happen, like, aliens, or, zombies. In them the fictional characters grab guns and kill all they need, without fear. Those stories are for the vain and the stupid. Zombies, they arent something you can kill without regret, nor will you e...

Runaway Baby

I had a task, one task that I was given to accomplish even if it costed my life. The only thing I ever thought about was not completing this task, and what would happen to everything if that occurred.

Split Worlds

When a new religion arises after the Third World War, corruption ravages the already destroyed world. Certain individuals stand up to fight for their freedom as the Hawkston Legion are take their religion farther than anyone could've guessed. Follow Skreemer as she struggles to unravel the murde...

The Angel Agency

A small highly secretive branch of the government takes in orphans and runaways off the streets, then modify's and trains them to be highly capable assassins.

Project X

My name is Amestya, though most of you would know and have known me as Jessica for many years. I am an abomination, meaning my mother was a human, and my father was not. My story begins in the Nacheds...

Words For Sister No-One

There were times when a young child roamed the fields in the back of her family's mansion, but a times such as these had long since passed and had been forgotten.


The story of a young man named Nicholas told through the eyes of his best friend. Although, time doesn't exactly work correctly, for reasons you will soon find out.


(THANK YOU FOR THE LOVELY PICTURE, SOUP! ^-^ ) If you were best friends with a ghost and a killer... And you start to fall for the ghost..?

Quest of Vengeance

Kellin and his Daddy used to be one happy family. Used to. Daddy was murdered and Mommy was beyond gone. Now Kellin sets off to find this murderer, besides, how hard is it to find a murderer in a post-apocalyptic world? Very hard, but no way is Kellin giving up. Rated Pg-13 I don't own the cover...

The End

A nuclear explosion set off in America sent radiation all over the world. Adults are being turned into mutants with incredible powers. This story follows a girl and her older sister as they escape the government from execution.


What if you were offered a deal to be free? Would you take it?

Come into my land of shadows

No description

The Cloned

Splicing of human genetics has finally become possible. In the year 2120, genetic engineering had become illegal and punishable by death. Drs. Mark and Alissa Bulc had been working on the splicing of many different genes to create the ultimate being. During a raid of their laboratory, Mark was expos...


Early on in life, two young girls are taken, and thrown into a chaotic world with a corrupted government. No one knows what they have plan which leads to Andy and Ryan having to race against time as they try to prevent the plans from taking place. The only thing stopping them is a zombie apocalypse ...

A Wolf In Sheeps Clothing

"W-what is happening to me?!" A young girl, named Jenny, questioned. Jenny was in her parents garage, home alone. This little five year old was used to being home alone. Her babysitter was con...
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