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Love should be a crime

Imbra should've never gone up to the Overworld. He should've never met Jackie Auburn. He should've never caught feelings. Imbra is an Enderman assassin for the Enderian Government. They sent him to Surmise, a desert city in the Overworld, to kill the Military General, 17 year old Jackie ...

The Nightingale of Atlantic City

A singing automaton performs each night in Atlantic City. Like every work of art, the toy has a fascinating story behind her creation.
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Some Fortunate Future Day - A Steampunk Story

This is not my story, it was written by Cassandra Clare, I'm just giving it more publicity. You can find this story in the book, "Steampunk! An Anthology Of Fantastically Rich And Strange Stories". Enjoy loves!

Tear in Time

In a large steampunk city, life progresses at normal. It's the way things happen, the way things are done. People have their own lives to worry about. Then, the time portal appears, and suddenly everything changes.

Twitch (steampunk finished short story)

They found a legend, and now he has to make a choice between man or robot. "...That was never on the doctor’s radar or maps."

Stay Close (steampunk finished short story)

Peter saw the train fly by as he stood alone in the tunnel. He didn't know who was inside. He didn't know that one man inside, knew who he was and called to him. Peter didn't know that train held his answer and that it was about to disappear forever.

Steampunk Sewers~

A young girl named Electric and her brother, Zach, have grown up in the sewers without ever knowing what was going on up above them, when they find a mysterious blind girl, called Nara, everything changes...

A Hero for All

When Britain is pulled into an international war and Captain Thomas is injured, it's up to Alec Stormstrong to save the day. But Alec has never piloted an airship or given orders. What will become of Britain, if not, the world?

The Airship Pilot

A steam punk world with a man who has lived his whole life on an airship, goes through a wormhole that takes him ten years in the past to save his father...but what will it cost him?


It took everything from us. It tore down our homes, set fire to the atmosphere. It burned away innocent lives and shot down the souls who were forgiven by their faiths. This beautiful city was full of the lucky four leaf clovers, hence it's name being "Shamrock," but once the Mechyma too...


Olivia Galloway was a normal girl, with normal problems, like an over protective dad, and a too controlling boyfriend. One night out though ruins her normality, and now she's nothing but a weapon. Her job simple, to secure the intelligence of a terrorist origination. One problem though, everyone...

Steel And Bone

Terra, a land divided. The Four Tribe of Terra are at war with the people of the city, who are sending beasts made of iron and bronze at them run by Aura, a powerful energy source taken from the souls of people. Two Hunters are destined to set the world on fire, and wage a war that they never knew t...

Iron and Gears

James and Jimmithy are kind of going off task after they meet someone they would expect less to find.

The voice, The Bandits, and The Mayor's Daughter

The Daughter was normal most of her thirteen years. However, a witch stopped in town and asked for a machine to be made specially, and the mayor and his wife refused, knowing the witch would abuse her power, The witch sent her henchmen to kill the mayor and his wife and to retrieve the Daughter so s...


When Alyce Scarlen was thirteen years old, she lost her left arm in a steam machine explosion. Her arm was replaced with a bionic one. Because of this, she is treated as an outcast. People that used to respect her now look at her in disgust and disregard her. Lonely and angry, she wanders around her...


The land was once ruled by four families. Each polar opposites, but all unified by one Monarch with blood from all for families. However, a fifth family toppled that balance, and was banished and locked away forever. Five hundred years later, those families are a long forgotten story, and the land i...

The Love of Motorcars

Katherine, also known as Kat from her friends, is from a very wealthy family and is the only girl and the second youngest of a family of 8 (her younger brother is 5) being as she is, her parents want her to marry soon and have set up many formities and parties in hope that she'd become a lady an...

City of Shadow

Anna Louise Parker is a young orphan living alone on the streets of Delphaire when she stumbles into a plot that - if it comes to pass - will cost thousands of lives. Follow her on her journey through the shadows of intrigue and passion, and find out if this simple orphan can rise to the occassion a...

War Machine

The year is 1887. War rages in England between the Warhammer Drones and the humans who have vowed to protect the Cyborgs. Twenty three year old Mayris Arkham runs one of the military organizations that protects these Cyborgs, and things aren't easy. But they get worse when Mayris is unexpectedly...


Siblings Gabe and Stella embark on a quest to find a treasure that their father hid away for them before he and his wife were murdered. They must use the map their father gave to them to locate the treasure and fight past their uncle and his goons as he tries to reach the treasure first. (Cover phot...
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