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Signal Flare

(various yandere/reader) You, a smalltime villain, find yourself wrapped up in a mysterious supervillain's scheme. Becoming a henchman forces you into the mess of ideals that you've been avoiding, but at least the pay is good and your coworkers are nice... well, as nice as villains can be.

Blood Park (LGBTQ)

🌟 (COMPLETED) 🌟 16 year old Castiel Delgado is a D&D nerd that gets bullied at his prestigious private school. He lives in the rich suburbs of Ariadne Station, a beautiful city by day but by night it turns deadly with the outbreak of Stillbournes or nocturnal zombies! For many years the Delgado ...
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Atomic Rebooted

Kingsbury, Montana, 1979: A nuclear accident occurs at Atomic Energy's facilities, forcing the town to abandon the original settlement and rebuild a shining new city nearby as superpowers emerge in the survivors. In 2019, two girls from New Kingsbury live very different lives. Mira is a Sentinel...

Super Planet Chronicle

The world changes forever when Tristan Trillions, the CEO of Pros Inc., creates a new game console and superhero game that traps all players in a virtual reality. Players can alter between their real-life appearance and superhero/supervillain avatars, but any attempt to turn off their console or let...

The Video Diaries of Almost Teenage Superhero's

What happens when 6 teenagers get super powers that changes there lives forever? See how the lives of Ellie and her friends get dramatically altered when they what they thought was a seemingly harmless, abandoned train car. With new found dangers and tension between friends, 6 teenagers find out jus...

The Masked Menace - *Sequel to Damsel in Distress

"Look! It's your friendly neighborhood . . . vigilante?" It's been almost three months since the end of Senior year and Lacey has a job at the Empire City Post and takes her college classes online. The only problem is that her arch nemesis, Caine Temple, had decided to do the same t...


After a freak accident in her childhood, the gifted 'Zaria' is done with watching other vigilantes saving the day. Now it's her turn to help people. Even if it means her life will become incredibly complicated. Love and disaster may try to get in her way but she will always be a superher...

The Black Raven

*image for cover was taken from google* Tundra Sami, is what you call a villain. Orphaned from when she was young, Tundra is anything but innocent. But what happens when she decides to go in disguise as an average teen for her own personal mission, but it will prove harder than necessary when a famo...

Bus 427

In the late 2040's a massive solar flare causes thousands of Earth's residence to develop supernatural powers. In response, a new agency forms to tackle crimes caused by these new enhanced people. The top students from ECRAI's (Enhanced Crime Response Agency International) are put togeth...

Rise of Unstoppable

Adam Silver's life takes an unexpected turn when an accident shortly followed by tragedy turn him into a superhero. While dealing with his own inner struggles, Adam must rise to lead the new superhero team, the World Pillars, as Unstoppable.

Project: Retrocognition

Origin story of our protagonist/subject : Zachary Grav No cover art yet... If you wanna make me some that's cool


After a bizarre accident, Derik Foster takes on unexplained abilities that make him smarter, stronger, and faster. What began as a dream come true becomes a living nightmare when he loses control and becomes violent...

Smoke: the superhuman

A 17 year old girl is captured and experimented on by a rich and powerful man. This messes with her D.N.A, giving her abilities to ignite her body on fire and fly in this form, also she can turn items into smoke, then move the smoke and then reform it as a weapon.

The Pride

A sci fi - fantasy series with comic-book hero elements, The Pride is a story about a group of Animal-Human hybrids that have been sentenced to banishment on an island by the government. Some of their party broke out, and went on a rampage across the country, claiming to want to take over under hybr...

Zach Steele-Tyrents Awakening Earth One

A story of a superhero who realizes his true potential when he battles a foe who knows more about his origens than he himself.

My Secret Life

"This is what I do. You can't stop it, you can't change it, so why don't you just live with it!"

The Unfinished Tale of Maximus (?)

So, forever ago, when I was like seven or something, I was like 'what if everybody got superowers how cool would that be' and I started to write out this cool story. Six years later, I found those papers. I was a terrible writer back then. But, also six years later, we had a writing assignme...

Lies of the unknown

This is a short story i wrote for class. I want to redo it ad make it longer,but if it already sounds terrible,well then i would like to know.

My Superhero

I live in a world where fantasy isn't fantasy, something impossible. A place where comic books might as well be my life. Here, superheros exsist along with the typical villians. Some decide to be in secret and use their powers for good or evil. Then their are the others, do ones who don't us...
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