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Titama's crew runs illegal clones on the streets of Neo Francisco, grown in vats with only brain stems intact. But with her boss, Muturangi, wanting to spread his tentacles of influence and greed, his latest venture takes things a step further. Over one bloody night, Titama will be forced to fig...

Tear in Time

In a large steampunk city, life progresses at normal. It's the way things happen, the way things are done. People have their own lives to worry about. Then, the time portal appears, and suddenly everything changes.
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Contagion (Book 1)

Ezra Jensen had a lot going on throughout his life. Now a senior in high school, only living with his mother and has only one friend from childhood. Before he can graduate and leave for college, an outbreak occurs of a deadly virus, turning those exposed to it into savage monsters. No one knows how ...

Decimation (Book 2)

Nikki Purnell had just achieved the lead ballerina in a dance she had trained for, for years. Her uncle and her brother had just come back home. She had it all until going for her after her performance. People began to attack each other in a rage, turning others into monsters. She and her family are...

The Crocodile Girl | Original Story | Completed

The world is different than before. Scientists have been taking teenagers and young adults to experiment on them. Using animal DNA and advanced technology not known to the public, they managed to inject subjects with animal blood to make dangerous hybrids. But one group of scientists go beyond that ...


“Fiery guardians paired, from same hearth lit. Warrior pierced by mortal flame, love poured unto but never hit. Peace blaze plummets into Inferno’s clutches, bathed in black blood, but fire still catches. Peace and Dark Prince clash, but neither can win, one must be for the other to be, pure and sin...

Living Among the Dead

The world isn't what it once was. The dead now control the world, while the living have to fight to survive. Every twist and turn could be life altering and there's no guarantee for safety. Everyone handles the end of the world in their own special way, and this story showcases different poi...

Snow Larks

It takes a lot to admit to yourself that you're wrong. Longer to right it. For her, it would take a path painted in darker shades and streets lined with a buzzing, florescent glow. An existence that should only be a nightmare, but unfortunately, was her entire reality. Brought on by a corporate ...


Kelsi Winns was fortunate enough to be born into the apocalypse rather than during or after. She commends her father for being able to teach her all the necessary life skills to survive. Compared to the lives of other survivors throughout Destined America, her and her father are living rather luxuri...

Out of Darkness

Death, hate, destruction, the only things Earth accomplished after it fell into insanity. But up rose someone that promised peace and that the aftermath would bring the lost ones home. Floyd, a 15 year old girl caught in the middle of the fight over power, struggles to keep her heart out of darkness...

striking hold (ᴀᴜ sᴛᴏʀʏ) redoing

тне уеαг ιs 2298 A.D αиd нυмαиιту нαs ιиνеитеd fιgнтιиg гσвотs. нιgнlу sκιlled sσldιегs ριlσт тнеsе гσвотs αиd мυsт сσмρете αgαιиsт σтнег сσυитгιеs fог ναlυαвle геsσυгсеs тнαт wιll мακе тнαт сσυитгу моге ρσwегfυl. Sσldιегs тгαιи fσг тwσ lσиg уеαгs веfσге веιиg eνeи веιиg cσиsιdег то ριlσт α говот. т...


A young girl fights to survive in a post-apocolyptic wasteland, where she not only tries to run from flesh eating monsters, but also her haunting past.


Rose is leaving, and never coming back.

No title given yet

Set in the future a teen is dragged into a secret war that has raged for thousands of years.


I swear, my life was normal. It was, at least until the day I got shot in the head and died. Because then I woke up and found out that my entire life wasn't real. That everything I had ever known never even happened.

The War I started

Starting a war isn't that bad. Back in 2000 it was predicted. So.... lets make that prediction come true. [swearing :P]

The World We Knew....

The Zombie Apocalypse Has Finally Come; The Dead Are Walking Again. And They're Eating The Living. Three Girls, Bestfriends As Teenagers, Are Separated In Three Different Groups, And They Meet At The Worst Times. Death Is Coming. Everyone Is Fighting. Who Is Strong Enough To Survive?


In this apocalyptic world, only the fittest can survive. Only the scrawny can be preyed upon: murdered by bandits, taken in by saviors, or die on their own. But there's always one question on everyone's mind: "When will I be saved?"

Child of Anarchy

This was my first attempt at a science fiction series, this is the story of a girl with several names. In the near future a man unites the UN and every country bringing them behind him, he begins to do experiments on the children of the world and this is where she comes in

Creation and creator

2nd in the child of anarchy series, this is where you see the plot thicken and you see another side to the coin. This is where you learn the origin of the story and where she came to be and the set up for where this place is heading. That blood isn't thicker than water and anything man wishes to...
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