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Project: Retrocognition

Chapter 4... finally

20,000 Light Years 2

The saga continues, Delcross has to crack an algorithm and Sateltron has to face a monster who is free from his bonds. Also, Phantis has to face her biggest fear, The royalty itself, and rise from the ashes to become Queen Phantis Karonova.
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20,000 Light Years 3

The Saga continues with their journey into the Confederation and busting out a major corporation, and Facing the war between the Unified forces and The liberators. Resulting in their meet with their greatest enemy Gearik Legion

20,000 Light years 1

In a distant dystopian future, a saga begins a race to find the evil. Rustone and Delcross 2 friends unite in a prison and begin a journey into beyond.


Titama's crew runs illegal clones on the streets of Neo Francisco, grown in vats with only brain stems intact. But with her boss, Muturangi, wanting to spread his tentacles of influence and greed, his latest venture takes things a step further. Over one bloody night, Titama will be forced to fig...

C.O.R.E Origins

(Cover art is by DAGames and the IRIS Team) Aaron Delfino tasked with running New Dystopia humanities last haven. Has put his trust in a Superintelligent AI Known as C.O.R.E.

Another World

Life is never what it seemed. If I could, that's what I'd tell the future me.

The Silver Glass

Ana, Flora, Danny and Robert are on a mission. They were normal aeronautical engineers. But something changed their life completely. They found a substance fall on earth. What was that substance? Where did it come from? Finding the answers, they went to space. The infinite Universe and here they fig...


"He gave me wings but didn't give me flight. He gave me eyes but didn't give me sight. He gave me a heart to see from inside." They are not human. They are creatures. But they don't know which kind. And they can't remember how they came to be that way. They are being manipula...

The Phone Call

Charlie was just a normal collage girl, until her best friend, Caleb went missing the day before she found a phone on the pavement and got a phone call from her dad telling her that everything's a lie and she can't trust anyone. on her journey to find the truth, she meets sam, a girl just l...

Cressela - Twisted

[Book One of the Cressela Trilogy] Amber Obscura was an orphan who had always felt different to the world around her - constantly searching for adventure, dreaming of something more, thinking of the seemingly unthinkables, with her grandfather as her only relative left. But when she comes across Cre...

A Documentation of Creatures, Diseases, and Plants of the extraordinary.

Many things exist that you may not know of. But we do. help this book seems like an scp ripoff im sorry

The Wonders Of It All

A sequel to Battle Of Miranda. As the nations of Miranda celebrate their triumph over the Nerotov Dynasty following a global war, a new problem emerges. A problem that not only threatens their way of life, but life itself. The best minds of Miranda come together to put a plan into motion to save the...

Frost Fire and Futures

Something is very, very wrong. Allison and Oliver have disappeared and no one has seen them in days. Jason seems to think that Scarlet's new boyfriend knows something about their disappearance. Scarlet is to busy to worry about the missing Protectors. When she finds out shocking news about her m...

The Moon Is Also My Sun

Rain Davila is... well, she doesn't really know what she is. Being a second born in a single-child world, she is forced to hide behind closed walls during the day, staying silent and watching through one-way mirrors. She can only come out at night, and even then, she has never been outside. When...

The genetic code

"This isn't exactly about the actual genetic code, but I will tell that this won't be a boring lecture." Daxter has lived a pretty normal life, besides the fact that his mother is in a intuition and that his girlfriend, Alice, is the daughter of a "mad" scientist, Dr. Helix. ...

The Cyborton Chronicles

In the year 5152, with humanity extinct, there is a city of machines known as Cyborton. This story is about the battle between Alpha, the ruler of Cyborton, and Omega, the one to end his tyrannical reign. Their battle will decide the fate of the city, and those within it. (Cover picture does not bel...


Samuel a master thief comes at a crossroads and then he decides to take the hard way and take the job offer by a mysterious man with a mysterious name and finds the hidden secrets of the universe as he finds out eventually that nothing is limited.

Veiled world

A world that has been built and destroyed by people with ideals that stain blood on the ground even if they meant well. Only after a few weeks when it began all that is left is empty city's filled with bones and a foreign mist or gas. And humanity only seems to be holding on by it's sheer st...
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