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The Change

Just a short werewolf transformation story. I treated this as a writing exercise lol.

The Shifters

The Shifters are a group of teenagers with special talents. They can turn into animals. But when a disaster happens, hunters become after them, leaving them to be on the run, trying to survive in the wilderness.
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How to be a Wolf/Werewolf (spells)

Here are a few fun spells I found online. When you do one of them, Do them at night while on a full moon (execpt for the second spell). If they don't work, that's fine. These are just for fun! If you want them to work, you really have to believe....

The Legend of the Winged Wolves

A winged wolf stuck on earth. How will he get back to his home? Does he even want to go home? Will he abandon his home or stay with the girl he loves?

The Alpha's Rogue

It felt as if my wolf was trying to break free, slamming herself against the lining of my skin, which was threatening to change and sprout fur. My head begun to spin, and my fingers begun to twitch, I was trying to hold the transformation back, but I wasn't doing very well. I heard heavy footste...


In a world sixty years in the future, the world is very different- uninhabited land is almost impossible to find, cars aren't common anymore, and a disease has been diagnosed that, years ago, people didn't even believe existed- therianthropy.

Therian guide

My advice to therians.

I'm not an animal

"i'm not just some animal you can use and command, i'm a human being!" she screamed so loud her throat hurt, what was this cruel place, who was this cruel human..why was he getting away with this..

More Dominant

Ayesha is the strict Alpha of the pack, 'Hyka'. Not willing to find a male Alpha to take her place of ruling her pack, Ayesha mates with a submissive, quiet former Omega. What will happen between them? (On hold for two weeks)

Kill Anna!

Anna was just a kind girl. Unknowingly banished from God as a small child. She arrived on earth, lived there. Animals hate her, but she unknowingly healed them. She was bullied and got hurt by the first prince for "harassing" a girl.

Unfair Fate

Suzie works as a guardian in a prison, but not any usual type of prison. One day, THEY come to get revenge, ultimately changing her calm life...... Credit: Some of the characters where created with the help of @IDoRandomStuff !

The Vampire Academy

A lot of you guys seemed to like it :) but I'll do this every once in awhile so you can read it all together :) Copy rights

Secrets Behind the Timberline

Two wolf sisters, Luna and Saxie, are exiled from their pacl because they are suspected of murdering a young Recruit. The two Defenders must brave the outside world, along the way meeting two special friends who will ultimately help them discover the secrets behind the timberline.

Paw Prints In The Sand

This is a story about a only female shifter, protected by her 5 brother shifters.Wolves panther tigers and lions...

The Radioactive Pack

After the Chernobyl Disaster in 1986, animals have reclaimed the dead zone. Where humans aren't, animals rule. How does being radioactive affect the lives of the wolves now ruling?

My wolf

Maddie has been having these terrible nightmares about wolves. Figure out why.

Cherry Blossoms

The life of a young girl is High School just trying to survive. Literally. Her sister has died from the West Nile Virus 10 years ago and is abused by her foster parents. Being a wolf in a normal High School? What's normal about it?

Animal transformations! closed do not apply right now

From dragons, wolves, birds, and more animal turn youself into these animals here and now in this collection of peoples animal transformations. APPLY! Like others in these sets of stories they are people on Quotev who applied and got there own transforming story in this collection! This is a set of ...

Poems On Life And Everyday Topics

Prompts at the beginning of each chapter. Enjoy, everyone, because I work hard on these poems -Hana


Hannah is an Aria, a half-human, half-animal hybrid. She's a feline-human Aria. The Aria Slave-Trade is run by vampires. She is bought out of the Aria slave-trade by a vampire named Denver and he is immediately smitten.
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