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Lost In Blood And Darkness

He's Bloodthirsty, Cruel, Pitiless, Merciless. He Is Death. He Is Rage. He Is Agony. He Is Cruelty. He Is Unfeeling. He Is Loss. He Is Anguish. He Is My Beloved.


Snap! Her instincts caused her to quickly look back. Panic started gripping in. The rustling started getting louder. What was that? But her feet were glued to the dry soil to think anything but the worst. Her thoughts were confirmed when 2 strong, muscular arms wrapped around her waist. "I'v...
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Darkness Craves Me

I let out a deep breath too close to the candle. The flame flickered a little, almost going out. I looked back down at the piece of paper. I wrote that everything was going to be okay. A lie. I tossed the paper in the flames. It had been five months since Zane left. Five long months since I walked d...

The Witch and The Wolf

(GxG) Legend speaks of a gifted wolf who protects those it loves and devours the likes of Phantom Hounds. But what is this magnanimous figure’s origin story? It began with the forbidden love of two girls, one being the child of Darkness and the other of Moon. With their harsh circumstances, they bot...

My Kind Of Nightmare

~ Waking up from a nightmare is usually a relief. Except, of course, when the nightmare follows you right back to your bed. In the form of...well, whatever the heck that is...~ ANOTHER BOOK? ANOTHER BOOK! If you're here from Dive, this is your refuge while you wait for it to be continued. Not a ...

Ice Cream Cravings

His silver hair framed his face as he looked down at me and said one word that took away all of my power. “Sleep.” And I had no choice. Me? Now kidnapped and bonded with the leader of a vampire assassin group. Lovely. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE-- I CHECK ALL SITES REGULARLY!

Married To The Prince of Darkness

Lexi,a teenaged girl,is dared to do something stupid,to prove if its real or not.She is suppost to stay in the local graveyard,till 30 minutes to midnight.If the legend is true,she will be married to the Prince of Darkness. The legend is true,but what happens after they're married?

The Evil I am

IN 1545 an old legion runs threw Romania, that Dracula has returned... Only his true name is Desmond Lazar and the one thing he's searching for is revenge...

Loving You For Eternity *Sequel Finished*

Sequel to Human Slave Vampire Master. Julia now has a five year old daughter named Alice with her husband George.Trouble dies down until Saya Johnson kidnaps Alice for her new evil Master. This Master has a trick up his sleeve. Find out what he's planning

The king of darkness

How far does obsession go....? It isn't love, its his own dark and twisted love. Are there no limits to his wrath, he will surely kill you if you dare get in the way of him and his love. He is the famous vampire king after all, and he always gets what he wants..... Elsie Moretta is a young 16 ye...

Blooming Love | Book 2

Book two of Broken Love** Many months has passed since Sydney had that vision and afterwards everything seemed fine. Nothing drastic happened, everything was calm and peaceful. Only a few things happened here and there but it was never anything too major. Sydney, Luke, Susana, and Daimon were all li...

The Star in the Darkness

I never wanted this life. I never wanted to be Queen of the Dark World. I just wanted a normal life where my biggest problem was if I had enough money to pay rent. Instead, I have to figure out how to rule a kingdom of creatures I never knew existed all while trying to save my baby sister who was ca...

The Grim Tale Of The Princess

"Oh, so grown yet you're still a silly little girl, can't you see the truth right in front of you? This is his little kingdom now, and you're not the ruler anymore." Beautiful cover by @writermickeyc

Mystique's Love or Libido

Whilst tangled within the secrets of the worn-down carnival, Mysty juggles both her job as a mascot and unraveling her strange past. Throughout her time working at the old theme park, Mysty cannot help but wonder about the mysterious boss rumored to be a monster. No employee has ever seen him until....

The Search

A human girl, has to live her life in a dark place, with her brother Jasper. They live there lives in secret because their on the run. But, the human girl get kidnapped, and forced to be a servent for a vampire with a bloody past. Everyone the human girl knows, gets sluatered, and shes all alone. Bu

Soulless Hearts Book One- Bit By Darkness

Book One of the Soulless Hearts series. Evelyn Arabella Blackthorne loves her life. She's rich, happy, and has no responsibility. But that all changes when her parents die. Now, she must find her true love, recover her lost sister, and.. oh yeah. Save the world.

The Darkness that loves

A dark werewolf Prince with a mysterious past, A Handsome Faerie Knight with a secret to hide, And a seemingly ordinary girl with so much at stake, her life is truly about to begin.


His hands are cold, he only comes out during the night, and his skin is pale as if he has never seen daylight. That's when it hit me. He's a...

Kiss the darkness

Gabrielle lived a very average life. She had friends, a mom, and did well in school. When a strange boy comes to her school, she is immediately drawn to him. this boy, is actually a vampire, and he and Gabrielle begin a complicated journey to find out about her hidden past. Filled with romance, dang...
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