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Lone Wolf *Finished*

Some wolves aren't rogues, some actually want to be alone. That's me, Farrah Rimes. I'd much rather be alone then some domesticated house pet to an Alpha. Living the loner life means you get to travel wherever you want without anything tying you down. No pack, no mate, no cares.

Possessiva Alpha, Submissive Omega (Finished and slowly editing)

A traitorous mother, a long gone father, and a very large group of people that hate her. Leera does not have the best life, by any means. But, when she founds someone who finally wants her, will it get better? Or only go down hill from there?
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Alpha's Flame FINISHED

You might have heard about the story of the powerful Alpha and the epic hunter who fell in love. Well, that was my brother Blake and his mate Nikita, but this story however is about me; how I found my mate, how I learned to give into love and how we learned to trust each other. ~*~ This is simply th...

Mysteries of Luna FINISHED

This story is about me who is a regular girl and Jaxon who is a not so regular guy but a werewolf and an Alpha. This story is about our love and the secrets that surfaced because of it but the important question is if we can overcome those secrets and the danger that follow with them?

Enemy mates FINISHED

This story is about me and my special person, the one who suddenly got my heart beating fast for the first time in my life, the one who made me disobey the rules which I never thought would be possible - never get personally involved in your missions – and how I learned about the secrets revolving m...

My Teachers A Vampire..and I'm His Mate! (Finished)

Summer was basically a nobody at school. Having only one friend to protect her against bullies that nagged on her everyday. She just couldn't escape reality. Well, that was until one day her Chemistry teacher suddenly disappears and a strange man comes in to take his place. Just something about ...

Mating Season (Finished)

(i suck at this summary) It mating season, and all the werewolf mate..well except me I haven'y found my mate yet! I really hope i find him. I am Ashley ____________________ ITS mating season yes! I get to have some fun with some random she wolfs, and they wont even refuse cuz they'll be in h...

Rejection ~finished~

Maddi is 17 she has been rejected by her mate but he regrets rejecting her she is still really hurt and she doesn't believe that he loves her but will Maddi finally give in and forgive him or will she move on with her life and forget about him?

Untouched Blood ~Finished~

I know everything about him. He is my brother after all. I know everything about his friends, they are my friends after all. We know everything about each other. But blood never bonded us like I thought...

Human Slave, Vampire Master *Finished*

"Your my slave," "You will call me master." "You will obey me. Or it will be the end of you." "Yes..........Master."

My Revenge *Finished*

Mate My wolf had been silent ever since that day when I was 6 years old. That single word that she had uttered was life changing, breathtaking, unbelievable. I had a mate and he was coming my way on his own instincts. I sat up, flattened my hair down in attempts of looking the least bit presentable,...

The Unbound Vampire

Jade is part of the remaining clans of vampires that survived the massacre. The Night Hunters and The White Eyes. The Stone Hearts are dead to those clans. She is a princess of both clans and is forced to marry someone she doesn't like. She soon falls for a Stone Heart. Does she get to be with h...

The Boy Who Cried Werewolf *Finished*

Ok So.. This Is The Boy Who Cried Werewolf Story So Im Just Gonna Add In One Or More Characters So Read On To Find Out!

My Vampire Master (finished)

Dani is a normal teenage girl. Well, if you think being a vampires slave is normal. But for her, it's as normal as normal could be. Her family was taken from her when the immortals took over and put her in auctions. She goes to many households and must obey the rules and orders given to her or s...

Only the Omega *The Omega Series Book 1*Finished*

Renae is the Omega of the pack she is in. She never did anything wrong other than being born so when a new beautiful werewolf comes into their territory and starts making trouble with other packs, she blames it on Renae. Renae tries to tell everyone that she did not do it but no one believes her bec...

She's my Luna!(Finished)

"YOU KNEW AND NEVER TOLD ME DAD?!?WHY?!?DID YOU NOT TRUST ME WITH SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!?ARE YOU LIKE ME?!?GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS HERE DAD?!?"I screamed with Caleb holding me back. He kissed my head and i calmed down I stopped struggling and melted into Caleb's body with everyone watching, ...

An Unwanted Bite. (Finished)

Being a slave is enough hard work with the cleaning and all. But trying to stay Human in the process is just insane. How do you stop Creature's of the Night, from making you their own bride? (I own the text. Not the pictures.)

My life as a Slave :Finished:

Kiddnapped. Only God knows what did it or who did it. Now that its happened Im not even sure that I believe in this "God" Anymore...

My Master? My Lover?

"Your my master nothing more. You'll ship me off to another vampire when your done with me." She said and then leaving me alone in my agony. "I'll never let you go. You're so much more than just a slave to me."

My life is over(Finished and sequal is out)

Abby is a 16 year old girl abused by her parents. her boyfriend only wants her for her body. She thought her life couldnt get any worse until she was kidnapped.
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