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The End of Forever (Completed)

When Eleanor Moreno and Ava Griffin are chosen to be the future wives of two vampire princes, they are each forced to fight their own demons in a world that isn’t as black and white as they had once thought. Also posted on RoyalRoad.com

Always and Forever (Sequel to She is a Vampire's Greatest Weakness)

Caitlin Pearson is still in love with the Mikaelson brothers, Klaus and Elijah. Of course, she is Klaus' mate, but things can change. New Orleans isn't exactly the place for romance, especially when it's full of vampires, witches, werewolves, and hybrids. She last saw Klaus in a cemeter...
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Finding Infinity

Alice Night has been abused all her life by her cruel father. All she has ever known is pain and hurt, too broken to even speak a word. She has always been alone and kept like a prisoner, up until the night where she runs away for the millionth time, this time actually getting away. The next day, sh...

Forever Yours, Sadly

(Sequel to Hating My Mate, the Alpha!) Since Gage has finally marked her, Joe is finding it harder and harder to hold a grudge against her 'lovely' mate. There has yet to be one conversation between them without an argument. Will they fully accept being mates when they need to at most? Or wi...

Sleeping in Cinders...

The real story of Cinderella and how she lost the ones she loved. But what if her prince charming was truly a beautiful vampire with more intentions than to love her until he dies.....Because he can't. And now he wants nothing more than someone to spend eternity with...

Royally Rejected , forever forgiven

Annabelle Summer Secret was Carter's mate . When he found out he automatically rejected her . She felt awful and ran away from the castle and another pack found . Little did she know the alpha of pack was her (long lost or so they ) cousin. Did i mention they were all royal and powerful werewolv...

Forever bonded

Mikayla is a werewolf in secret who has no pack and no friends. When she transfers to Meyton college, what will Lex Dart be prepared to do to change that, and what dark secrets will he uncover on the way?

The Scarlet Cloak

"His teeth are stained red, and he easily towers over me as if I was nothing. He was my savior, but he could easily change and become my killer. I'm no different from any girl before me. No different from the tattered dresses, shackles, and mangled hair I've so often come to gawk at fro...

Make Me Yours? Forever?

Hades and Andrew are two twins, very different form the other 17 year old of the world. They got their battle to fight as one or two, they will have to be together. Fanfictional, homophobics don't read! sequel to Mine! Only Mine!

Forever Times Infinity

~'You Saved Me' sequel~ Carter's life seems perfect. Her father is gone and out of her life, she got closure from her mom, and is engaged to her very own knight in shinning armor. But, Carter cheated the Fates out of a life... And now, they're here to collect.

Forever (werwolf story)

Skyler Jennings is a werewolf. But what happens when she finds her mate and everything changes.

Forever Scarlet

Sequel to Boiling in my Blood~ Who ever thought to fall in love with a creature that thirsted for your blood? Who knew that Alice Coruso's life would be warped and twisted to where everything is out of the ordinary? After a near death experience, Sage, her over protective vampire lover, has her ...

Forever or Never, Alpha

Kaydence and Logan have been bests friends for years. She thinks shes knows everything about him and all his little secrets. What she doesn't know is that her best friend has been keeping one hell of a secret from her. On one stormy afternoon a cretin alpha male is waiting to find out who is mat...

Can You Love Me?

Ashley Cross and her brother Jack Cross are werewolves. They both had always been bullied by there pack. What will happen when they try yo escape? What will happen when Ashley finds out that her sole mate is one of the most dangerous Alpha known. *First story I created sorry if its bad 👎.

Cant stay forever

Sarah was a girl who was all ways alone. She had no friends and was called fat and ugly everyday of her life. She was the packs omega so she was beaten and a new brusie appered everyday. The next alpha in line is Jake and he doesnt care about what people do to her, in fact he bullies her sometimes h...

Werewolves of Forever Falls Part 1 ( completed)

It was the mating ceremony and I hated it but my wolf self loved it. " How will I survive this" I asked my self

Moondust (Werewolf)

Jasmine Presslyn had moved to the town of Wolfsman to live with her father after her mother had remarried to some business man in D. C. Jasmine lives with her 'nature friendly' father and goes to an new school. She meets Ethan Wolf, the werewolf and soon to be Alpha of the pack, but she does...

Forever Fighting

Piper is a orphaned werewolf who joined a rogue group of wolves who soon became her family. Shes hot tempered and strong willed. When her peaceful rogue group is attacked by the infamous and ruthless Blood Rose pack she discovers her mate.. The merciless alpha of the Blood Rose pack. Piper now has t...


Hazel Jacobs is used to being alone, always has been. So what happens when she gets dragged into a whole new world by a boy she barely knows? What happens when she's forced to face the dangers she never knew existed?

Two Moons(Sequel To Forever)

JayDee has moved in with Colton, Asher, and the rest of their werewolf family. Happy as a new werewolf, JayDee can't wait to find out what her powers are. But, she has a surprise around the corner for everyone. And someone has a few surprises for her.
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