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A Diamond in the Rough

Jemma is an omega who grew up believing she is worth less than the dirt beneath her feet. Heartbroken and ready to move on from the life that has been nothing but horrible to her since her mother’s death, she is anticipating finding her mate and hoping he’s nothing like her father. What she gets is ...


[BxB] Vampires and werewolves have never really gotten along. In fact, they split the world half and half between them. The humans, caught in the crossfire, have no choice but to obey their superiors. Killian is one of the vampires. His father owns the most profitable division in the country. Cin ...
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Crowns and Fangs

On the night of his eighteenth birthday a wolf prince finds a thief breaking into his home, but something is up, so he convinces him to stick around, it was a special night for the prince, after all, as an eighteenth birthday for any werewolf was special. (sorry i'm bad at descriptions)

Love Me, Bite Me.

Vampires generally have decent self-control when it comes to blood. The whole "uncontrollable blood lust" that is so popular in the media doesn't happen very often. In fact, it usually only happens after very, very long periods of time without feeding. But me? I've killed over a thir...

She's my Luna!(Finished)

"YOU KNEW AND NEVER TOLD ME DAD?!?WHY?!?DID YOU NOT TRUST ME WITH SOMETHING LIKE THIS?!?ARE YOU LIKE ME?!?GIVE ME SOME ANSWERS HERE DAD?!?"I screamed with Caleb holding me back. He kissed my head and i calmed down I stopped struggling and melted into Caleb's body with everyone watching, ...

The Final Drop of Vampiric Blood

Throughout time, humanity has changed. Humans seek to kill others, sell, murder, and steal due to selfish needs. Can one truly be selfish though if survival is at stake? Some can, and some are darker than unwanted truths an ideal human despises. These people seek to be led, to be guided from an upco...

The werewolf prince with the innocent human

This story is about an abused depressed girl who meets the king but she doesn't know he's a werewolf. will their life be brought together or apart?

The Attack

My old story may not get finished Art isn’t mine

One Love

Shania and Aziraal are married... but they are not human got to read to find out the rest

Humans and Wolves Don't Mix

I'm Joe and my life was great, considering I'm human and I was raised by werewolves. Until he came along. He's my mate. And Alpha. And protective. And possessive. And everything I want and hate. But I can't be with him. I don't want to be. If only he would see I'm not good fo...

Shattered (On Hold)

-Sequel to Imprisoned By Your Love- It has been two years since Ezra was officially made the Alpha of the Inferno Pack, and he is finally putting everything in his life in place. His pack respects his, his family bonds have been fixed. All he needs now is to find his mate and life will be perfect. O...

Never Mess With My Kind.

Delancey Williams is the alpha of a pack who had to go rouge since their pack(s) treated them horribly. But what happens when Jason ,the alpha of a REAL pack, finds Delancey on his territory and claims her as his mate.

Mutation Freak

Laurianna, a half Neko and half Fae,Gets taken out of the camp she has bean at her entire life to be someone's pet. Slowly but surely she falls in love with her "owner" but what happens when that man gets a plan to destroy the whole camp? Will she go and rescue the camp or will she becom...

Forgotten Beauty

Bought, Blood, Pleasure, Beaten and Sold. Repeat. Bought, Blood, Pleasure, Beaten and Sold. That's my life now and I've accepted it. I don't care anymore. They're all the same...Each and Every Vampire.

The Werewolf Neighbourhood.

Leeora who is aged eighteen has moved into a new place where she has never heard of before with her parents, she has not seen it on any maps..raising her curiosity. Her dad had to move away from being laid of at work and he has found somewhere close near a forest. A small town called Moonlight. As l...

The Werewolf Dreams (draft)

I didn't ever think I would be more in love than I was with Cordell but ever since that one night, I fell in love with a stranger. A stranger who had made me see the world as it truly was. I discovered a world hidden among my own. And a love that has truly become beautiful. But I've also lea...

My Werewolf Life

Kelsey was just a normal girl just getting out a high school getting ready for collage, living in a world were humans and werewolves lived together in peace. What will happen when she goes on a trip to Kentucky with two of her friends near the spot were the werewolf mates ceremony was being held. Sh...

He's My Toxic *Sequel to Blood Bag*

"Are you disappointed?" He asks softly, but I can hear the crack in his voice. I turn to face him, "No, just scared. I fell for you and now I know you could hurt me at any second. Yet, I'm addicted to you. Your like, my toxic." I explain looking down, scared and embarrassed. He l...

Wild Things

In a world where werewolves and humans live side by side, Alya gets chosen by a group of ruthless scientists to become the first werecat. After 17 years of brutal experiments she finally escapes. Soon though, a group of werewolves are sent to find her.

Join Me For A Bite

Anaya is your average human. Nothing out of the ordinary. So why did she get chosen to be the prized pet of a rich vampire? Anaya and Alexander king, an unlikely pair, but helplessly in love with each other. Their relationship is looked down upon, but that doesn't matter to them.
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