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wild things

Calmere has been harrowed by a string of killings, people ripped apart limb from limb and left to rot. Both Taron Kurt and Avni Gupta are determined to discover who’s behind these murders; the only thing in their way is the pesky burning attraction between them. While grappling with their intense co...

The End of Forever (Completed)

When Eleanor Moreno and Ava Griffin are chosen to be the future wives of two vampire princes, they are each forced to fight their own demons in a world that isn’t as black and white as they had once thought. Also posted on RoyalRoad.com
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saccharine adoration. (yandere!werewolf x mage!reader)

❝𝙃𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙨 𝙧𝙤𝙡𝙡𝙞𝙣𝙜 𝙛𝙤𝙧 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙤𝙣𝙚 𝙄 𝙖𝙙𝙤𝙧𝙚.❞ || All you wanted to do was get the ingredient you forgot for the concoction you were brewing at home. So why are you now stuck with a clingy and childish pet?

Ghost Stories

The spooky tales, great legends of haunted tales and folklore, and a few unsolved murders, are sure to frighten you. Sweet Screams everyone ...... You may just sleep like the Dead....

Yandere WereWolf x Reader

"You can never leave me" he whispers in my ear. "Why not" I question, my eyes watering at the sight in front of me. "Because your mine" he growls in my ear. (Y/n) loves animals, but her favorite is the wolf. On her birthday her four friends take her on a camping trip in the m...

Orphaned By Him *editing*

*werewolf romance* When Ezandra was 12, the alpha and luna of her pack, her beloved parents, where murdered by an invading rogue who proceeded to take control of the pack. She has been beaten ever since... However, the night before her sixteenth birthday, she decides to change that, no matter what ...


In Colonial America, a young man's whole life is ripped away after one fateful night where his family farm was attacked by a strange creature. Left with his own injuries and no clue as to what happened, he searches for help.Convicted of the murders, he flees to clear his name. But what he doesn&...


"He shoves me against the wall with enough force to shake the pristine glass chandelier that hung from the ceiling. He bares his teeth at me, his black soulless eyes glinting with rage. I'm terrified, as this man can easily tear me apart if he so wished to. And yet, there's something all...


18 year old Rowan Danvers couldn't imagine her life turning anymore upside down than it already was. After her mother died her father moved them to a small town we're rumors spread and everyone knew everything. Or so they thought. Murders start popping up in the usually quiet town and tensio...

Wolves in the Woods

When Lizzie witnesses her mother's death, she runs away from her father who is hell bent on finding her. She finds herself in the woods where she encounters a pack of werewolves, secrets are uncovered. Will her mate be able to protect her? Or will she meet the same fate as her mother?

To Burn A Witch

The castle town of Saint Roch was once a safe haven for witches. Not anymore. When the crown prince takes the throne, he calls for the deaths of all witches and the town is thrown into chaos. Now, there is only one left. Serafina De Luca is an infamous witch with magic powers beyond any other. She i...

Blue for Freedom

Kayla, an ex-pack member of the darkest pack in the world, gets saved by a mysterious wolf that just so happens to be her mate. He takes her to a village filled with creatures like faeries, vampires, dwarfs and every mythical creature imaginable (who are not so mythical). All in this village have on...


A boy saw his parents being killed in front of him, but that was the past now Ethan is 22, seeking revenge and mate less how can an alpha run a pack without a mate, but seek revenge at the same time.

Broken Promises lead to Broken Worlds

I ran through the city, dodging pedestrians and passerby's. I jumped onto a table and grabbed the overhang, swinging myself up onto it I began climbing the building going from one window to another. I could hear them behind me muttering words under their breath. They wouldn't take me alive t...

My mate is a vampire

Niko Fratelli is a part if the Fratelli vampire coven and next in line for the Fratelli mafia business. Cruel and Merciless,Niko thinks love is for weaklings especially since he can't love who he wants to seeing as he is gay and his family doesn't know. Roman Angelo the alpha to the Cresent ...

it's called murder, baby

[M!O.C x F!Reader] Old, powerful and bored. A deadly combination in the world of vampires, and a befitting description for [Name]. What starts off as a drunken disaster gone wrong turns to a bitter tragedy where two lovers realise they can never be together.


A snappy vampire at the beginning of their immortal days is roped into exploring the world with a bubbly human.

Sinful Gods

Seven of the deadliest night creatures to have ever walked the earth have risen and decided that humanity has been corrupted.

Code of the Wolves

Aria is a senior at Code Prep a human and werewolf high school. When the werewolf students start dying it is up to Aria and her friends to find out who is behind the murders. Can Aria pull through even when she is accused of killing someone so close?

People of Shadows

The town of Dellhaven isn't your average town. For years, the Ortega family has been trying to solve the death of one of it's members, Isadora, and it seems the answers lie in the form of a child. Isadora's death was by the hand of a vampire, but is the family truly prepared for the answ...
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